1 oz A-Mark Silver Round

Silver rounds are just one of many ways to invest in silver bullion, but for many they are the perfect alternative to silver bars. Silver rounds often look, feel, and seem like silver coins, though they are different due to the fact that they carry no legal status as currency. Unlike coins, which are sanctioned by specific government mints, silver rounds are produced by any number of different, private mints.

The 1 oz A-Mark silver round is just one of many silver rounds on the market today, but it is an investor favorite. Everything there is to know about this round will be elaborated upon in the following sections.

Design and Features

The 1 oz A-Mark silver round has a design that is surprisingly intricate and unique. The front side of the round features the image of the Liberty Bell in the middle with a banner reading “Life Liberty Happiness” arching above it. Underneath the image of the Liberty Bell is the A-Mark mintmark, the A-Mark name, and the .999 purity indication.

The reverse side of the round mimics the obverse side in intricacy, with the stunning image of an eagle in the center. Above the eagle’s head you will see arching stars while arched above the stars are the .99 purity and 1 oz weight indications. Underneath the eagle’s talons are the words “Liberty Silver.”

Packaging and Purity

When you purchase 1 oz A-Mark silver rounds they will be shipped quickly and discreetly to your door. Your rounds will be protected by bubble wrap and placed in a heavy plastic bag as to ensure the product reaches you in the same condition which it left our facility.

The purity of a silver round is a simple way of explaining just how much pure silver is present in the round. The 1 oz A-Mark silver round has a purity of .999 meaning it is comprised of 99.9% pure silver. This level of purity is more or less standard for silver rounds.

Mint History

Even though A-Mark may not be the most widely known mint in the world, it has been in business for over 50 years. Though they focus a lot of their business’ attention on the production of precious metals, they also have a strong foothold in other industries as well.

A-Mark does a lot of work with trusted mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint, Australia’s Perth Mint, and many more.