10 oz A-MARK Silver Bar

10 oz silver bars are not the biggest bars on the market, but they are also not the smallest. Being one of the more medium-sized silver bars, 10 oz bars can serve a variety of different purposes while being able to fulfill the investment needs of any number of different investors.

10 oz A-Mark silver bars are one of many 10 oz bars on the market, though they are produced with exceptionally high production standards. Investors from all over the world purchase A-Mark silver bars as the mint which has barely been around for half of a decade has recently gained some immense popularity.

Design and Features

A-Mark silver bars do not have a design that is unique or very much different than other bars in the industry, in fact, their design is very similar. The front side of the bar features the A-Mark mintmark, the .999 purity indication, and the 10 ounce indication. These features are more or less the same ones you will find on most other 10 oz silver bars.

The back side of the 10 oz A-Mark silver bar is adorned with a diagonal pattern of the words “.999+ pure silver”, “A Mark”, and “10 oz Troy.” This feature is one of the most unique on the bar.

Packaging and Purity

When your 10 oz A-Mark silver bar is shipped discreetly to your door, it will be protected in plastic casing. Because the shipping process can be rough on your package, we do everything we can in order to ensure your bullion’s safety.

When talking about precious metals, specifically silver, the purity of the bar is simply stating how much of it is actually made of silver. Since A-Mark 10 oz Silver bars are .999 pure, they are comprised of 99.9% pure silver. This level of purity is common for the silver bar industry.

Mint History

A-Mark was first founded back in 1965, and has since grown into a company with a good amount of prestige. Offering more than just silver bars, A-Mark is able to fulfill any type of precious metal order, from gold to palladium and everything in between.

They are an authorized purchaser for the US Mint, a supplier of the Perth Mint in Australia, and have affiliations with many other storied mints and financial institutions around the globe. This fact is just one of the reasons why A-Mark is trusted by so many types of investors.