10 oz Morgan Silver Bar

10 ounce silver bars are in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to silver bar sizes as there are many bars bigger than them but also a few smaller than them. For this reason they are often utilized by both beginning and experienced investors. Morgan design silver bars are sought after not only for their high silver content, but also due to their design.

This bar is an undeniable piece of American history which adds to its value not only as an investment vehicle, but as a collector’s item as well. Over the next few sections everything there is to know about 10 oz Morgan silver bars will be discussed.

Design and Features

Though it is not common for a bar’s design to be what draws investors in, in the case of the 10 oz Morgan silver bar that is exactly what people focus on. The front side of the bar features the raised design of the Morgan Silver Dollar which was originally produced in the late 1800s. The intricate design is featured on the top part of the front side of the bar while the .999 purity, Made in USA, and ten ounce weight markings are all featured towards the bottom.

The reverse side of the bar features a diagonally fixated criss-cross waffle pattern.

Packaging and Purity

When you purchase a 10 oz Morgan Silver Bar it will be discreetly shipped to your door in protective plastic. The shipping process can oftentimes be rough on packages, and for this reason we go to the necessary lengths to ensure your bar is in the same condition when you receive it as it was when it left our facilities.

When someone is talking about purity in regards to silver bars, they are really talking about what the bar is actually made of. Because the 10 oz Morgan silver bar has a purity of .999 silver this means that it is made of 99.9% pure silver. This level of purity is commonplace when it comes to silver bars.

Mint History

The 10 oz Morgan silver bar can trace its history to the Highland Mint, located in Melbourne, Florida, USA. The Highland Mint was first founded in the early 1980s and though they do not exclusively deal with precious metals such as silver, their main business practice revolves around custom metal production.

This mint is relatively unknown, and for this reason might be hard to trust for some investors, but the fact that they have partnerships with almost every major American sports league helps ease any investor’s wariness about Highland’s legitimacy.