10 oz NTR Metals Silver Bar

Silver bullion is produced in many different shapes and sizes, though none is more popular than the silver bar. Bars too, however, also come in a number of different sizes and are produced by even more companies from all over the world.

One of the most sought after sizes of silver bars is the 10 ounce variety because it is great for both adding to an investment as well as beginning an entirely new one. The 10 oz silver bar produced by NTR is one that has just recently stepped foot in the bullion industry, but is quickly gaining a large fan base.

Design and Features

The design of 10 oz NTR silver bars is in line with most other silver bars on the market today. The front of the bar boasts the 10 ounce weight, the .999 purity, and even has the NTR mintmark as well. The reverse side of this silver bar features a derivative of the NTR mintmark fixated in a repeating diagonal pattern.

Rather than the bars features being pressed into the bar, things like the mintmark and purity markings are raised slightly off the face of the bar. This raising of the images provides a wonderful contrast between burnished silver and matte silver.

Packaging and Purity

10 oz NTR silver bars are packaged in plastic sheets and are enclosed from the day they leave the mint. When they are shipped discreetly to your door they will remain in their plastic and oftentimes be placed in another baggie or wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure the product’s safety during transit.

In the precious metals industry, the purity of a silver bar simply describes its silver content relative to any other material that comprises the bar. Since these 10 ounce NTR silver bars have a purity of .999, this means that the bar is comprised of 99.9% pure silver.

Mint History

The history of NTR, otherwise referred to as North Texas Refinery, can be traced back to recent history as the company was founded shortly after the turn of the 21st century. Even though they have not even been in business ten years, NTR has expanded its reach into a number of different industries with a corporate and industrial presence all over the globe.

While this may lead you to believe that NTR emits a negative carbon footprint, the fact that its bullion is primarily sourced from recycled metals means that it is one of the more environmentally responsible mints in the industry. Their environmental consciousness has been drawing customers in since day 1 and continues to do so today.