10 oz NTR Year of the Snake Silver Bar

Investing in precious metals such as gold and silver has been a common endeavor for quite some time, but is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Silver bars are one of the most widely used avenues by which people invest in precious metals. Due to the fact that they come in a wide variety of weights and are produced by an even larger number of companies, not every silver bar is created equally.

The 10 oz NTR Snake silver bar is a uniquely designed bar that is perfect for investors of all types. It is unlike most other silver bars and for that reason, many investors are drawn to it.

Design and Features

In regards to the ten ounce NTR Snake silver bar, many of its features are much like other 10 ounce bars on the market, though some aspects of the bar undoubtedly set it apart. On the front side of the bar, in small letters and numbers exists both the ten ounce weight and .999 purity markings.

Also featured on the front side of the bar is a large, raised image of a snake with the year, 2013, below it. Beneath the 2013 indication are the words “Year of the Snake.” All of the features on the bar are raised.

On the reverse side of the bar is the unmistakable snake skin design. This particular 10 oz silver bar is part of NTR’s Lunar series of bars. Because 2013 is the Chinese Zodiac calendar’s year of the snake, it only makes sense that this is the theme of this bar.

Packaging and Purity

When the 10 oz NTR Snake bar is shipped discreetly to your door, it will be protected in plastic casing. Knowing that transit can sometimes be rough on the bullion, we do everything we can to ensure your brand new bar arrives in the same condition that it left our facility.

When it is said that the NTR 10 oz Snake silver bar has a purity of .999, this simply means that the bar is comprised of 99.9% silver. This is a high, yet common, purity in regards to silver bars.

Mint History

NTR is one of the newest mints on the market, having only been found shortly after 2000 in Dallas, Texas. Less than ten years later, NTR went from a small minting operation to a company with a worldwide presence and a growing industry reach.

NTR silver bars are so sought after by investors due to the company’s environmentally friendly metal sourcing practices. Nearly every NTR silver bar is primarily sourced from recycled materials which means that the company’s carbon footprint is significantly smaller than many other mints.