100 oz Engelhard Silver Bar

100 oz silver bars are produced by a number of different companies and actually are produced in a few different styles. Even though 100 ounce silver bars are some of the biggest bullion bars on the market, they are sought after with high frequency. Engelhard, a mint that is no longer in business, is one of the most trusted producers of 100 ounce silver bars.

Even though Engelhard does not exist as a company anymore, their bars are still making their rounds in the market and are still quite popular. Everything there is to know about the 100 oz Engelhard silver bar will be discussed in the next few sections.

Design and Features

100 oz Engelhard silver bars usually show signs of age and heavy handling due to the fact that many of them have been on the market for a long time. Though some of these bars may look a little rough, it is important to keep in mind that their value lies within the silver content, not their appearance.

The front side of the Engelhard 100 oz silver bar features the stamped Engelhard name, the .999 purity, and the 10 ounce weight indication. Some of the 100 oz silver bars produced by Engelhard are hand-poured silver while others are pressed, or struck. The condition of 100 oz silver bars by Engelhard will vary from bar to bar as some have been more circulated than others.

Packaging and Purity

When you purchase an Engelhard 100 oz silver bar, it will be shipped speedily and discreetly to your door. Your bar will be protected and secured in Styrofoam and plastic to protect it from any damage during shipping. We strive to have our bullion reach your hands in the same condition as it was in when it left ours.

As far as precious metals are concerned, the purity of the bar is simply referring to the portion of the bar made of precious metals relative to the bar as a whole. The 100 oz Engelhard silver bar has a purity of .999, meaning it is comprised of 99.9% pure silver. This is a fairly standard purity for silver bullion.

Mint History

Engelhard was founded in New Jersey in the USA in 1902. Over the course of the company’s first 50 years, it was renamed a number of time, and ownership transferred from the founder, Charles Engelhard, to his son, Charles Jr.

While Engelhard silver bars are very popular, the company produced and worked with many other metals as well, including gold and platinum. In 2006, Engelhard was purchased by a German Chemicals company and the production of their silver bars ceased. Though the company who purchased Engelhard has worked to eliminate the Engelhard name from the precious metals industry, their bars are still in constant circulation.