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A-Mark Precious Metals

1 oz A-Mark Silver Rounds (New)

1 oz A-Mark Silver Round (New)

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A-Mark Precious Metals

A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc. is a globally recognized company offering a full range of services in the precious metals market. Investors and traders who are looking for a reliable mint to buy quality products from will enjoy the extensive options and unparalleled reputation of A-Mark.

Steven C. Markoff founded A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc. in 1965. Though the company originally focused on collectible coins, it has grown substantially over the years and today deals in precious metals from around the globe. A-Mark is an official distributor for several mints, including the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Australian (Perth) Mint, and South African Mint. A-Mark has trading centers in Santa Monica, California, and Vienna.

The Awe-Inspiring History of A-Mark

A-Mark was originally a small company that traded only in collectible coins. However, Markoff quickly saw the potential for growth, and began trading gold and silver, as well. By 1969, A-Mark was the first company in the United States importing gold from abroad. In 1972, less than a decade after the company’s founding, A-Mark received a special license for dealing, selling, and acquiring gold.

A-Mark made many significant purchases over the following decades, but the most noteworthy was the acquisition of a Silver Dollar collection including over 400,000 coins. This purchase has the distinction of being the largest acquisition of bullion of this type in the precious metals industry.

Today, A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc. has the largest dealer network for precious metals in all of North America. This company’s reach is so extensive that it services six continents, with clients literally situated on all sides of the globe. A-Mark is not only a national leader for precious metal trading, it is an international leader with global access to some of the top dealers, investors, collectors, mints, and mines in the world.

A-Mark’s Gold and Silver Products

A-Mark offers an extensive range of products and services for investors and traders. A-Mark is one of the largest distributors of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bullion in the world. This company supplies coin blanks to major national mints in several countries. A-Mark also mints some products of its own.

The A-Mark mint is relatively limited, producing only silver rounds and silver bars with the A-Mark brand name. The A-Mark silver round is 1 oz with each round containing 99.9% fine silver. The obverse features the American Eagle and thirteen stars for the original thirteen colonies. The weight is printed on this side of the coin, as well. The company name and purity of the rounds are printed on the reverse. It also features “Life, Liberty, and Happiness” on a banner across the top, and a Liberty Bell graces the center.

A-Mark also offers 10-ounce silver bars which are available in only one design. These are .999+ pure silver and feature the simple A-Mark logo and company name, followed by the purity and weight. The back of each bar has the weight, purity, and company name repeated in diagonal text.

A-Mark also sells many other gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. Investors can browse fine coins, such as gold, silver or platinum American Eagle coins; gold, silver, or platinum Canadian Maple Leafs; South African Krugerrand coins; Swiss 20 Franc gold coins; Australian Philharmonic silver coins; Sovereign King gold coins; and Australian Koala platinum coins. Bullion bars traded through A-Mark include Credit Suisse gold, Johnson Matthey silver, Johnson Matthey platinum, and Engelhard platinum.

A-Mark Investment Services

Investors love A-Mark because this trading company is dedicated to making bullion investments accessible to any trader or investor. A-Mark’s services include financing, leasing, and hedging. Personalized financial programs are available so investors can enter this market from nearly any financial situation. Whether you’re an experienced investor, or looking to order your first bullion bar, A-Mark can meet your needs.

A-Mark’s Security and Reliability

A-Mark products are shipped securely from with their silver bars packaged in protective plastic and rounds coming in tubes of 20 or vinyl coin flips. A-Mark is one of the most trusted companies in the world, and though their rounds and bullion bars do not include some of the extensive security features that other mints focus on, this company has a solid reputation to back its line of minted silver.

Investors look for A-Mark’s minted products, confident that they come from a company that’s known and trusted globally. A-Mark has prestigious affiliations that lend its credibility far beyond the limited scope of the United States.

Reputation and Investor Benefits

This company’s stellar reputation has led to several prestigious deals. A-Mark was the exclusive distributor of one ounce silver Libertads from the Banco de Mexico in 1984. The Union Bank of Switzerland chose A-Mark as their exclusive distributor of Gold Kinebar in 1995. More recently, in 2002, A-Mark acted as the exclusive distributor of the 100 oz Johnson Matthey silver bar.

A-Mark’s New Issues and Collectibles division, created in 2001, focuses solely on collectibles. They also expanded into the numismatic coins market in 2006 with its wholly owned subsidiary known as CFC. A-Mark Trading AG is a specialized firm in Austria that promotes the company’s goods and services in Europe. Investors who work with A-Mark have the opportunity to open an account with a prestigious international company.

Pricing and Availability

A-Mark regularly mints its one ounce A-Mark Liberty Bell Round and 10 ounce A-Mark Silver Bar. These products are readily available thanks to this steady production schedule. The price fluctuates with the silver market, of course, but investors will enjoy competitive prices for these popular products.

Bullion is an investment choice that’s favored by both individuals building a strong financial portfolio and collectors who want something both unique and valuable. Individuals who want to diversify their investments can find A-Mark’s quality products at