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1 oz Engelhard Prospector Silver Round

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100 oz Engelhard Silver Bars

100 oz Engelhard Silver Bar

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Engelhard Gold and Silver Bullion

Engelhard is no longer a precious metals company or bullion dealer, because it was purchased by a German chemicals producer in 2006. However, it was one of the world’s most well-known producers of silver, gold, and platinum bullion bars before then. Even though Engelhard is no longer in business, its bullion products are still highly sought after by investors. The company’s bullion and precious metals are also still found abundantly in the market, although the stock constantly rotates due to low availability. If you’re interested in purchasing Engelhard products, browse the options on, where you can find some great deals.

Engelhard’s Reputation

Founded in 1903, Engelhard’s original name was actually “American Platinum Works.” The company centered its business in Newark, New Jersey, and quickly became a well-known silver, gold, and platinum producer. Engelhard expanded its business significantly throughout the 21st century. The business incorporated more than just precious metals; it also had subsidiaries in the chemical industry, mineral industry, and auto industry. An interesting note is that Engelhard was the first company to create catalytic converters, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars. That’s just one example of the company’s innovation in several markets.

In 2006, Engelhard was bought by BASF, a German chemical company, for around five billion dollars. Since that time, Engelhard has drastically changed, including an end to the production of bullion bars. However, there are still plenty of Engelhard bars in circulation today, and they are still high quality and coveted among investors. The limited quantity of Engelhard bars also adds to their value as collectibles.

Bullion Products Produced By Engelhard

Engelhard produced bullion in silver, gold, and platinum. All bullion bars come in a variety of sizes to suit any investor’s needs. Engelhard also stamped each bar with the Engelhard brand logo, bar weight, unique serial number, and precious metal purity. Of all the precious metals, the silver offerings from Engelhard are the most extensive, but Engelhard also produced gold and platinum in several sizes. However, Engelhard’s gold bars have not been in production for several years. Engelhard’s platinum bullion products are comparable to other manufacturers’, but they are unique in that American Platinum Works was the first company to produce platinum bullion.

In terms of purity, all Engelhard bullion products are in line with industry standards. For instance, silver bars have a purity of .999, and gold bars have a purity of .999+. Silver bars come in one, ten and one-hundred ounce sizes. Gold and platinum bars also come in a variety of sizes, but one ounce is the most common. Fifty ounce bars do exist, but they are harder to come by.

Silver bullion bars are the most popular product made by Engelhard. Their bullion products are more than investments; they’re collectibles, too. Since Engelhard is no longer in business, the bars produced by this company automatically became rarer and more valuable.

Engelhard’s Minting Process

Engelhard produced millions of dollars of bullion since starting business in the early 1900s. Silver was the company’s specialty, however. Engelhard’s minting process was similar to other precious metal manufacturers and was based on principles of smelting. Precious metals were melted down and purified to industry standards before being poured into molds to create bars and other bullion products. After the molds had set, a special Engelhard stamp was used to ensure each bar’s authenticity. A serial number was also stamped on each bar, making each one unique.

To further protect Engelhard bullion bars from counterfeit, each was packaged in a protective plastic film after it was minted. However, the packaging varied by product, so when buying you will want to view the product description to see which type of bar you are looking at. The packaging prevents damage during shipping and keeps the Engelhard bullion products in top condition.

What to Expect When Buying Engelhard Bullion

Engelhard bars tend to be a little more expensive than other bars across the board. This is because Engelhard took pride in ensuring the authenticity of every bar. In addition, all bullion products are high quality and some are collectible. Most bullion also comes with an assay or serial number to prove their authenticity. Therefore, investors are usually willing to pay the premium for the peace of mind that they are not dealing with counterfeit products, which is a major concern in the precious metals industry today.

Why Investors Love Engelhard Bullion

Investors always look for quality, but Engelhard is particularly appealing because its bullion products are American made. Engelhard started in New Jersey and expanded from there. Charles Engelhard, the founder, knew that there was value in precious metals, but he did not want to limit his business to one subsidiary. Investors appreciate the fact that the Engelhard brand strived for quality and excellence in everything that they did. These American bullion bars are known for their quality as a result.

Engelhard also showed a commitment to sustaining the environment. This commitment is particularly notable since a lot of energy is needed to purify and mold gold, silver, and platinum. In 1973, Engelhard developed a catalytic converter for the Ford Motor Company to reduce car emissions. This invention led the way to greener manufacturing in the auto industry overall. Engelhard also received an award in 2004 for the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge because of its work with organic Rightfit pigments.

If you’re interested in investing in silver bullion, Engelhard is still a contender. However, since Engelhard is no longer in business, you can only buy its products from third-party vendors. Check out the gold and silver bullion bars and other options available today, and add some Engelhard products to your portfolio. Be sure to browse all of your options at