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Silver: $16.84 0.02

Geiger Edelmetalle

1 Gram Geiger Security Line Silver Bars (New)


$2.23 As low as $2.13

5 Gram Geiger Silver Bars (New)


$4.76 As low as $4.56

10 Gram Geiger Security Line Silver Bars (New)


$7.71 As low as $7.51

2016 1/2 oz Silver Armenian Noah’s Ark Coins (BU)


$10.51 As low as $10.31

20 Gram Geiger Security Line Silver Bars (New)


$13.13 As low as $12.83

1 oz Geiger Silver Bar (New)


$19.13 As low as $18.83

50 Gram Geiger Security Line Silver Bars (New)


$31.78 As low as $31.28

100 Gram Geiger Security Line Silver Bars (New)


$65.94 As low as $63.94

2016 5 oz Silver Armenian Noah’s Ark Coins (BU)


$103.20 As low as $101.70

250 Gram Geiger Security Line Silver Bars (New)


$155.61 As low as $153.61

10 oz Geiger Security Line Silver Bars (New)

10 oz Geiger Security Line Silver Bar (New)

$186.30 As low as $184.30

2016 10 oz Silver Armenian Noah’s Ark Coins (BU)


$196.39 As low as $195.39

500 Gram Geiger Security Line SIlver Bars (New)


$311.32 As low as $305.32

1 Kilo Geiger Security Line Silver Bars (New)


$595.32 As low as $589.32

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Geiger Edelmetalle Gold and Silver Bullion

Mints creating world currencies and investment quality bullion look to Geiger Edelmetalle to set the standards for consistent products. On this page we will look into why the smart choice in portfolio-grade silver, gold, or other precious metals is this storied company.

Founded in the 13th century in Germany, Geiger Edelmetalle is one of the oldest producers and sellers of precious metal bullion in the world. Its merchant and minting business initially focused on the trade of silver mined from the Saxon Mountains but steadily branched into other metals, including gold, palladium, and platinum. Today, the company headquarters is a Baroque German castle once owned by famous composer and silver investor, Johann Sebastian Bach.

There are few foundries and mints that have lasted as long as the House of Geiger. In addition to bullion sales, the company also offers investment services to brokers and private individuals.

The Mint’s Distinguishing Characteristics

What separates Geiger from other bullion producers is its wide array of precious metal bullion minted by its own craftsmen. The Mint doesn’t need to look outside its own house to mint the silver, gold, and other precious metals it mines. Production of bullion focuses mainly on bars, which is different from other modern mints that tend to offer more variety in bullion rounds.

Investors can look to Geiger for more than just the purchase of gold and silver bullion. The Mint also offers investment-grade platinum, palladium, and copper bullion that meets international standards for purity and quality. By choosing this mint, buyers won’t need to conduct multiple transactions to satisfy their precious metal investment needs.

Raw materials, specifically gold and silver, purchased by the mint come from legitimate mines certified and licensed by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) for good delivery. This approval — updated regularly by the LBMA — guarantees that the metals bought by Geiger and sold in markets throughout the world are of the highest quality possible.

Types of Bullion Produced

The most readily available types of bullion from Geiger are gold and silver bars. Bars and coins created by its in-house designers also include copper, palladium, and platinum, but the relative scarcity of these metals leads to intermittent bullion availability. When available, platinum and palladium bullion offerings have fineness grades of .9995 making them suitable for investment. Here are the current product offerings from the Mint:

Noah’s Ark Bullion Coins

Crafted as legal tender for the Republic of Armenia and issued by the country’s Central Bank, these fine silver coins are .999 percent pure. Seven denomination sizes are available through the Mint, which holds exclusive rights to produce the coins. The reverse side depicts Noah’s Ark with the obverse side displaying the Armenian coat of arms. Products arrive packaged in sealed tubes or capsules surrounded by a wooden box.

Minted Silver Bars

Crafted to .999 fineness to comply with LBMA standards, these silver bullion bars are available in six different sizes from one ounce up to 50 grams. Bars carry an embossed image of Geiger’s corporate headquarters, the Schloss Guldengossa, bullion weight, percentage fineness, and the company name. Products arrive vacuum-sealed in wooden boxes.

50 Gram Geiger Security Line Silver Bar (New)

Security Line Silver Bars

Bullion bars crafted from this series carry several proprietary features designed to deter counterfeiting and ensure authenticity. These silver bars are available in .999 fineness in sizes of 10 ounces up to five grams. Products are shipped in vacuum-sealed packaging in wooden boxes.

1 Kilo Geiger Security Line Silver Bar (New)

Precious metal bullion bars and coins crafted by Geiger aren’t available anywhere else in the world because of the Mint’s in-house approach to craftsmanship. No other company can create bars that carry the company’s history and reputation for quality and consistency.

Silver Security Features

The Mint went to extensive lengths to make certain forgers couldn’t pass off their copies as authentic silver from Geiger Edelmetalle. Take a look at the security measures built into every silver bar from the Mint’s Security Line:

  • Unique Minting Process: The obverse side of their silver bars have a matte finish, which makes the surface appear three-dimensional. Texture on the bar’s reverse side carries a repeated rhombus with the production company’s ‘LEV’ logo in its center.
  • Ribbed Edges: In contrast to many other bars minted today, the Security Line series has ribbed edges like minted coins. This edging technique prevents easy cutting of edges to alter the product.
  • Invisible Varnish Painting: Only certain spots on the reverse side of these bars have a special coating that reacts in ultraviolet light. Direct UV-light reveals a rich blue hue on the bars, an LEV-rhombus, and the minting year.
  • Traceable Serial Marks: Each bar carries markings that allow the purchaser to trace production straight back to the raw material craftsmen and women used to produce them.

Security Features Explained:

1 Kilo Geiger Security Line Silver Bar (New)

Mint Reputation with Investors

Geiger’s long history of creating and selling investment-quality precious metal leads to a strong reputation among investors and traders. Its proprietary production methods allow incredible flexibility in meeting large and small orders. If necessary, its production company can ramp up production to meet large orders in a short amount of time, enabling it to capitalize on demand rich market conditions.

Investors can count on the consistency and validity of precious metal bullion from this Mint in part because of its more than 800 years in business and the security features detailed above. It’s extremely difficult to fabricate Geiger bullion.

Bullion Pricing and Availability

Pricing for gold and silver bullion varies by weight and the security features installed on the bars. Lighter weights (one ounce) lacking advanced forgery deterrents cost anywhere from $2 to $3 above the current spot price of silver. Heavier bars with security features (250 grams to 10 ounces) can run for higher over spot premiums. Investors advise purchasing only new bars from licensed dealers. Used bars can have significant damage and lack the proper identifying elements to help buyers legitimize them.

Buying gold and silver bullion made by a new mint or foundry is tempting, especially when the price seems very close to the current market value. Going with a company like Geiger, however, makes sure that an investor receives high quality bullion with unique security features and appealing designs. Visit today to purchase precious metal products from the highly reputable and storied Geiger Edelmetalle mint.