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Gold Colorized Coins

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Gold Colorized Coins

Gold bullion and proof coins are immensely popular right now among both investors and collectors. Bullion gold coins are coveted for the .999 or .9999 fineness of the precious metal content, while proof versions are sought after by collectors for their one-of-a-kind designs and sharper visual appearance. Now, the addition of colors to gold coins is creating a buzz for proof products that truly stand out in your personal collection. Today on you’ll find a variety of gold colorized coins available from exciting, popular coin programs.

Gold Colorized Australian Lunar Series II Coins

The Lunar Series II coin program was launched in 2008 by the Perth Mint following the successful conclusion of its original Lunar Series I program. Perth Mint can claim the mantle of creating the first massively popular coin series inspired by the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Now, Lunar Series II coins are captivating the minds of a new generation of numismatists, and a limited collection of these coins are available as gold colorized coins.

On the reverse face of all 2016 Gold Australian Monkey coins you’ll find the unique, one-of-a-kind Year of the Monkey design. On this face is the image of a lone adult monkey sitting on the branch of a peach tree. As it peers back over its head, you’ll notice a single peach dangling from the branch above. These are the images that have been colorized in this limited-edition offering.

The monkey is colorized with natural tones of brown for its fur, and features a flash of brilliant, white fur on the middle of its chest. The leaves of the tree are filled in with green, while the lone peach hovers in a mixed shade of orange and red hues. Queen Elizabeth II’s right-profile portrait on the obverse face of the coin has not been altered in any way.

Each of the gold colorized Australian Lunar Series II coins on consist of .9999 fine gold. The available coins on right now include three different weights and face values:

  • 1/10 oz coin: Face value of $15 (AUD), mintage of just 5,000 in total.
  • ¼ oz coin: Face value of $25 (AUD), mintage of just 5,000 in total.
  • 1 oz coin: Face value $100 (AUD), mintage of just 3,000 in total.

The Perth Mint was originally founded in Australia in 1898 as part of the ruling British Royal Mint. It was built to expand the capacity of the Sydney Mint and Melbourne Mint, but both facilities have since closed, making the Perth Mint the oldest operating facility in the country. It is not associated with the Royal Australian Mint, which is under control of the federal government in Australia. The state government of Western Australia controls the Perth Mint, but its coins are considered legal tender under the Currency Act of 1965.

Why are Gold Colorized Coins Popular?

There is no difference in metal content and fineness in similar gold bullion and proof coin programs. For example, the gold colorized Australian Monkey coins mentioned above consist of the same troy ounce weight as their gold counterparts. The difference is in the finish on the surface of the coin. Gold colorized coins are popular in large part due to their rarity.

As pointed out above, the Gold Colorized Australian Monkey coins have an extremely limited mintage. Rarity is a major factor in both the increased value and demand for colorized coins, making them a reliable investment or great addition to your personal collection of precious metal coins.

How Gold Colorized Coins are Produced

The process for adding colorization to gold precious metal coins varies depending upon the mint. The most popular process today involves the use of high-grade translucent film. The film is colorized and then fused to the surface of the coin with the corresponding colors matching up with the design sets they are meant to represent. Other common means of colorizing coins include machine painting using either enamel or acrylic-based paints, as well as stamping pressurized ink onto the surface of the coin.

Who Colorizes Gold Coins?

Just as the process of colorization varies, so too does the answer to this question. The Perth Mint is one of the largest facilities to directly colorize its own coins. Other mints, such as the United States Mint, do not colorize any gold and silver coins. That said, the United States Mint has gone on the record saying that “businesses do not need the US government’s permission to colorize genuine United States coins.”

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