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NTR Metals

5 oz NTR Metals Silver Bullets (12 Gauge, New)


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25 oz NTR Metals Silver Bullets (20mm, New)

25 oz NTR Silver Bullet (20mm, New)

$496.00 As low as $491.00

100 oz NTR Metals Silver Bullets (30mm, New)

100 oz NTR Silver Bullet (30mm, New)

$1,934.00 As low as $1,914.00

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NTR Metals

Although the North Texas Refinery (NTR Metals) hasn’t been in business as long as some other minting and refining companies, they have quickly earned a reputation for quality bullion at a very good price. Indeed, in the few short years that NTR Metals has been operating, their business has grown considerably. This just shows how highly investors and collectors view the bullion made by this company. Read on to learn more about NTR and the bullion that they offer.

Steve Loftus founded NTR Metals in Dallas, Texas in 2004. What started out as a small company has grown swiftly over the years. While the business headquarters is still in Dallas, their operations have expanded to 56 locations stretching across the United States including cities such as Miami, Honolulu, Seattle, and Boston. They also have 13 international locations in cities like London, Hong Kong, and Amsterdam. NTR Metals is so vast that they serve over 30,000 different companies throughout the world and refine over 30 million pounds of metal each year.

What Sets NTR Metals Apart From the Competition

The incredible size of NTR Metals is one thing that sets it apart from its competition. There are four separate operating divisions that make up the company. One division produces precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum, and palladium for the market. They produce these metals for coin collectors, jewelry manufacturers, and financial institutions. Another division refines precious metals for jewelers, pawnbrokers, and other companies in the precious metal business. This division is known for its quick turnaround time because of all their locations throughout the world. A third division concentrates solely on using precious metals to mint fine bullion products. Finally, the fourth division refines and recycles precious metals salvaged from different materials.

Another way NTR Metals stands apart is their work in recycling and refining both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. They have teamed up with Alpha Omega to help process over 300 million pounds of waste and recover millions of pounds of precious metals from that waste. The 3.91-acre recycling plant can accept x-ray film, liquids or solids contaminated with metal, batteries, and much more. They also help manufacturers transform waste streams that would normally be hazardous into productive materials such as copper, iron, and other precious metals.

Types of Metals Refined and Bullion Produced

Amazingly, NTR Metals has been able to expand their reach beyond the precious metals of silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. Now, they also deal with precious gemstones and diamonds. However, the company is most famous for its gold and silver rounds and bars. They offer 1-ounce, 10-ounce, and 100-ounce silver bars, 1-ounce silver rounds, and 1-ounce and 1-kilogram gold bars.

100 oz NTR Silver Bar

Another unique item that NTR Metals produces is the golden triangle. Here, NTR takes a gold bar and melts it into the shape of a triangle. While these golden triangles aren’t worth any more than the regular gold bar they would normally be in the shape of, they’re a very unique and attractive item. Many investors like to buy this item simply because it’s such an intriguing piece.

NTR Gold TriangleThe company also produces silver bullet replicas which are made with pure 99.9% fine silver. These bullion bullets are designed after many famous ammunition cartridges such as the .308 caliber, the 12 gauge shotgun shell, the .50 caliber BMG and the 20mm and 30mm shell. These items carry higher premiums over the current spot price but are an interesting addition to ones portfolio of physical precious metals.

1 oz NTR Silver Bullet

NTR Metals Bullion Packaging and Security

All precious metal bars minted by NTR Metals (under 100 troy ounces) are sealed in a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) case. This case helps protect the bar from scratches and oxidation. Additionally, these cases help dealers sell the bars in either sealed sheets or in single bars. For buyers, these cases make it very convenient to safely store the bars, and the sheets are easy to stack or fold. In addition, NTR Metals seals their silver rounds in plastic mint tubes. Each tube holds 20 rounds. From these, dealers can either sell the rounds in the sealed tube or break them apart and sell them in individual coin sleeves.

While bars produced by NTR Metals do not come stamped with serial numbers, the company does mark each bar with its weight and purity. NTR Metals only mints pure .9999 gold and .999 silver bullion. Additionally, each bar is also marked with NTR Metals’ logo. This logo, which has the company name divided by one horizontal line and two vertical lines that come together to look like a pickaxe, authenticates every piece as an original NTR Metals product.

Since NTR Metals is able to manage the entire minting cycle, investors like their products, because they know they’re receiving a high-value piece. NTR Metals always stands behind their bullion, and they’re proud of the control that goes into making sure each piece meets their own high standards. Before going up for sale, every piece minted in an NTR Metals factory is inspected by hand for consistency and quality. Only when the piece passes this inspection is it packaged and sold to dealers.

Pricing and Availability of NTR Metals’ Bullion

Since NTR Metals has so many locations around the world and they have their own minting facilities, they’re able to control quality across the board and offer some of the lowest prices on bullion in the industry. Investors know that purchasing from NTR Metals means they can lower their cost and get more metal for the money they’re spending.

For the most part, since NTR Metals is still producing bullion, it’s widely available and easy to buy in new condition. However, at times, the company will produce limited pieces and these are harder to find. The NTR Lunar Year of the Horse silver bar released in 2014 is one such piece. This elaborately designed bar commemorates the Chinese lunar year of the horse and, as such, is only minted during the 2014 calendar year. Once the year is over, the only bars available will be previously owned and yet still command a higher premium.

Even though NTR Metals has multiple locations throughout the country and the world, the company does not deal directly with consumers. Instead, those interested in purchasing quality precious metals from NTR Metals can do so by checking out the large selection available through Here, investors and collectors are sure they’re receiving a quality piece of precious metal at the best price available.