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NTR Metals

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NTR Metals

The United States is home to a vast array of private minting operations. Some are relatively young and serve smaller niches within the precious metals industry. For example, some private mints specialize only in silver bar production, focus intently on striking beautiful silver rounds, or solely produce silver and gold bars in cast or minted ingot forms.

NTR Metals is an example of a private American mint, which like many others offers a variety of styles and affordable pricing of precious metal products. Private mints often produce precious metals with the greatest level of variety, and lower premiums over the spot price of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Learn more about this mint below.

Background on NTR Metals

Known simply as NTR Metals, the Northern Texas Refinery is one of the largest metal refineries in the world. They are based in Dallas, Texas, but they ship silver bars almost anywhere. They offer a full range of services including industrial recycling, bullion minting, and commercial refining. NTR Metals has 75 locations around the world with a recurring client base of 30,000 companies — everything from large corporations to small businesses. However, NTR Metals is not open to the public.

In addition to its refining operation, which handles more than 30 million pounds of metal each year, the Dallas-based company provides recycling, minting, and other refining services to thousands of business around the world. Its products all contain a minimum of .9999 pure gold or .999 pure silver content. NTR Metals stands behind its products and ensures the highest quality during shipping by using RF heat sealing and PVC casing to protect gold and silver bars from physical damage and oxidation. NTR Metals bars are sold in individual cases or sheets of 10 sealed bars.

NTR Metals Products

NTR has long focused on the production of minted ingots in its lineup of silver and gold bars. The production of silver minted ingots is largely where NTR has focused its efforts in recent years. For those who are unfamiliar, minted ingots are produced by refiners in a process that starts with the production of long, flat cast bars to serve as the blanks upon which minted ingots will eventually be formed. Traditionally this was done by creating a long mold that was used in the production of cast bars. These molds made it possible to create cast blanks with the precise width, thickness, and length required to make minted ingots.

To speed up the process, modern refiners will often use a continuous casting process instead. This produces bar stock of the required width and thickness on a continuous basis that is then fed into a continuous casting machine. Throughout a very complex process, the cast blanks are melted under induction heating or resistance heating to form minted ingot shapes that match exact specifications.

The new bars are then broken down in a rolling mill to reduce the larger batches down to the required thickness, and an interstage annealing process occurs that recrystallizes the grain structure of the metals and improves the surface finish of the bar. The rolling mill, combined with a strip annealing furnace help refine the bars to their required thickness. Further exposure to a gauging mill refines the bars even more, before they are eventually sent to the blanking press where each individual bar is punched out of the strip to prepare for striking process, at which point mint marks and designs are added to the finished product.

NTR Metals Current Status and Standing

As NTR Metals does not deal directly with the public, its products and services have long been sold directly to its business partners or authorized dealers for purchase by individuals. However, NTR Metals still plays a major role in the precious metals marketplace right now as one of the three partners in Elemetal Refining and Mint.

Elemetal Mint is now one, solidified company, but it originated as a collaborative effort between three of the biggest precious metals dealers and mints in the United States. Silver precious metal products began appearing with the Elemetal Mint brand name in early 2015, but the official formation of the minting facility was not completed until July 2015. So, who were the three players in the creation of the Elemetal Mint?

There are three companies involved in the creation of Elemetal Mint: Ohio Precious Metals, Provident Metals, and NTR Metals. The first of these companies, Ohio Precious Metals (OPM), was founded in southeastern Ohio in the late 1970s. Over the course of four decades of production, OPM made a name for itself by producing gold and silver products using 100% recycled metals and environmentally friendly processes.

Provident Metals is a subsidiary of the larger Provident Precious Metals LLC, and originally formed as the result of an increasing demand among customers for online dealers acting as an outlet for the purchase of precious metal products over the web. Provident is headquartered in Dallas, Texas in the United States, and serves as a domestic and international bullion, currency, and numismatic dealer. Following months of work to formalize Elemetal Mint, OPM took on the brand name of Elemetal Mint for its production services as of July 2015.

The combination of these three companies resulted in the creation of a company that is now considered the largest private mint operating in the United States. Elemetal Mint produces a variety of silver rounds and investment-grade silver bullion bars, attracting investors and collectors alike to its product lineup.

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