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The Sunshine Mint

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The Sunshine Mint

Although Sunshine Minting, Inc. is still a relatively new company when compared to some of its counterparts, it has quickly made a name for itself as one of the top full-service minting facilities in the world. From the very beginning, Sunshine set out to redefine the world’s idea of what quality precious metal mints should look like and how much investors should have to pay to add them to their collection.

Today, Sunshine is one of the largest minting companies on the planet, with locations in its hometown of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, as well as Las Vegas, Nevada, and Shanghai in China. The company rarely deviates from its tried-and-true products, but it’s famous for its custom minting services and its one-of-a-kind product offerings, such as the S.S. Gairsoppa silver bullion products.

Sunshine Minting, Inc. History

Sunshine Minting, Inc. was founded in 1979 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Since its creation, it has supplied physical precious metal and base metal bullion products to financial institutions, government mints, corporations, and individuals. Despite having roots as a North American company, collectors and clients from all over the world seek out Sunshine’s products and services. Using state-of-the-art machinery and professional designers, Sunshine also specializes in custom mints, both in bar and round form.

Sunshine supplies gold products, but its location has steered the company to focus more on silver. Almost 45 percent of all silver mined in the United States comes from Idaho, so it’s in the company’s best interest to make good use of its advantage.

Sunshine Today

Today, Sunshine enjoys its status as one of the most easily recognizable brands on the market. The company stamps the image of an eagle with its wings outstretched onto every bar or round it produces, making it easy for collectors to identify a Sunshine product. Sunshine is also responsible for providing the United States Mint with the blank coins used for the American Silver Eagle.

For the most part, Sunshine keeps to its tried-and-true design, seldom introducing new products. However, after a cache of lost silver was recovered from the S.S. Gairsoppa, a British transport vessel sunk by a German U-Boat, Sunshine saw an opportunity.

The ship had been carrying more than 100 tons of silver from India to London in 1941 when it altered its route home to accommodate a fuel shortage. The Gairsoppa was spotted by Nazi planes, who then alerted a nearby U-Boat. The ship’s cargo was finally discovered in 2010, and Sunshine used some of the recovered precious metal to produce limited edition commemorative bars and rounds.

Sunshine Silver Rounds

Until recently, Sunshine rounds were only available in 1 oz offerings, but the company has since begun producing rounds weighing .5 oz. Each of their rounds, regardless of size, is composed of .999 purity silver. Collectors can expect to receive the rounds in excellent condition with a shiny, reflective finish and reeded edges. On the round’s front side, you can see an eagle soaring in front of the sun, surrounded by the words “Sunshine Minting.” The back is stamped with the round’s purity and weight.

Sunshine Silver Bars

Collectors can find Sunshine Mint silver bars in three varieties: 1 oz, 10 oz, and 100 oz. Among other bars of its size, the 1 oz Sunshine silver bar is considered to be one of the highest quality bars on the market.

Sunshine Silver Bars

All three varieties are composed of 99.9% pure silver, and each bar is marked much the same. The front depicts the familiar Sunshine logo: an eagle with its wings stretched wide, flying in front of the sun. On the back of each bar, you can see its weight, as well as its purity level. Most new bars also offer some unique security features which we will discuss below.

Security Features

Sunshine ensures the authenticity of its products in a very interesting way. Each bar and round has a security feature in the form of a hidden image on its back that can be revealed by using a Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens. The image can be viewed even if the item is concealed in plastic or covered by an assay card.

Sunshine Valid

Although some of their collectible items, like the S.S. Gairsoppa bars and rounds, don’t have a hidden image, they’re stamped with a unique and verifiable serial number. This unique serial number can usually be verified with the mint.

Custom Minting Services

Sunshine offers extensive custom minting services, working with the customer from the idea stage all the way through choosing a surface finish, which is available in three high-quality options. The brilliant uncirculated finish is the result of polishing the dies and striking them in an automatic press. Proof-like finishes are struck multiple times and polished, following a special preparation of blanks. Finally, the highest quality is the proof finish, which is achieved by a special, intensive preparation of the blanks, followed by being struck multiple times and polished. The result is nearly flawless.

Pricing and Availability

Sunshine’s products are widely available and considerably more affordable than products in the same weight class. The 1 oz bar in particular is a popular choice among investors since its high quality in relation to its lower price makes it a fantastic deal when compared to other brands. Collectors should never be deterred by the lower prices of Sunshine products as they are still of the utmost quality and purity.

Sunshine Minting, Inc. has long had a reputation of greatness, which was solidified when the U.S. Mint started purchasing its blanks from the company. That was enough to convince anyone of Sunshine’s quality standards. Additionally, Sunshine’s products are competitively priced but still retain as much quality and purity as their more expensive competitors. Finally, Sunshine’s easily recognizable logo and unique security features make it a favorite among collectors.

Since being founded in 1979, Sunshine Minting, Inc., continues to reshape the world of precious metal collecting and trading. Its full-service minting facilities are world-renowned, and its custom minting services are unmatched in the industry. When it comes to high quality, affordable precious metals, collectors need look no further than Sunshine Minting products at