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5 Francs France Silver Coins

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The Franc was once among the most circulated currencies on the European continent. Introduced by France in the 1790s, the Franc currency was used in two different waves through the late 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Francs were issued in gold, silver, copper, bronze, and modern cupro-nickel alloys over more than 160 years of coining by the Paris Mint in France. Now, 5 Francs Silver France Coins are available to you for purchase online at Silver.com.

Coin Highlights:

  • Coins ship to you in individual plastic flips!
  • Dates range from 1801 to the 1880s or 1960 to 1969!
  • Consists of 25 Grams, .7234 Troy ounces, of actual silver content.
  • Issued a face value of 5 Francs (French) by France.
  • French leaders or La Semeuse feature on the obverse.
  • Coin denomination and date are found on the reverse.
  • Please remember you could receive coins with matching dates and designs when buying multiples.

France introduced the franc denomination following the Monetary Law passed in August 1795. The franc replaced the livre, or pound, with units divided into tenths and hundredths. The first francs issued in Franc were copper coins with two denominations each in the tenths and hundredths units. These coins were only struck through 1801 however.

Starting in 1801 and expanding throughout the remainder of the 19th century, the Paris Mint began to strike francs in silver and gold denominations. Silver denominations emerged starting in 1801 with the 5 Franc. These coins were struck by France through the Consulship period, the rise of the Napoleonic Empire, the Second Republic, the Second Empire under Napoleon III, and the Third Republic. The last of the original 5 Francs Silver coins were issued in the 1880s. In the 1960s, the modern French Republic issued 5 Francs Silver coins in the New Franc currency, but only did so through 1969.

In the obverse design element, 5 Francs Silver France Coins feature varying images of French leaders. During the Napoleonic Empire, France issued the coins with effigies of Napoleon Bonaparte. When Louis Philippe I reigned as the final King of France from 1830 to 1848, he appeared in right-profile relief on the obverse. Napoleon III appeared on the coins throughout the Second Republic and Second Empire. The modern New Franc version from the 1960s had the female La Semeuse figure on the obverse.

Designs on the reverse of the 5 Francs Silver France Coins were largely the same over the course of the 160 years the coins were in production. The original Francs featured the date and denomination in the center with a laurel wreath surrounding. The New Francs had the denomination above a cluster of three springs (oak, olive, and acorn), with the date below.

5 Francs Silver France Coins listed here come in individual plastic flips. The coins of the original franc had 25 Gram weights with 90% silver content.

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Silver Content: .7234 Troy Ounces

Face Value: 5 Francs

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