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A-Mark Precious Metals

There are countless private minting facilities and refineries in the United States, and the number seems to be growing with each passing year. Capitalizing on the upward trend of precious metals in recent years, refiners have either opened their doors in recent years or expanded their portfolio of silver and gold products. A-Mark Precious Metals has been a “leader in precious metals since 1965,” and their brand awareness has only grown along with the increase in the popularity of silver, gold, platinum, and palladium in the past decade. is proud to carry a variety of A-Mark products, and these includes silver rounds and investment grade silver bars. Browse through the collection of A-Mark silver products available online today at

A-Mark Silver Rounds

One of the most prominent products offered by A-Mark is its Liberty Bell silver rounds. These 1 oz silver products are an excellent alternative to bullion coin programs and more costly minted ingot bars. offers the chance to purchase the most popular product available from A-Mark Mint, its signature 1 oz Silver Round. The rounds in this listing are available to you in mint-sealed tubes, with each round verified in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Rounds in BU condition have no signs of wear and tear, but may have spotted surfaces, contact marks from the striking process, or breaks in the luster.

The obverse face of the 1 oz A-Mark Silver Liberty Bell Round celebrates the Liberty Bell. From its wooden yoke to its iconic crack that extends to its lip, viewers are certain to appreciate the detailed rendering of this national treasure. Unfurling above the Liberty Bell is a scroll, which reads: “Life Liberty Happiness” in reference to the inalienable rights outlined in the Declaration of Independence. Inscribed underneath the bell is the A-Mark logo accompanied by the purity of the round.

On reverse side of the round features the image of a heraldic eagle. This well-known emblem depicts the national bird with its wings outstretched as it upholds a star-spangled shield. In its talons, it grasps an olive branch along with a set of arrows. Further emphasizing the patriotic motif of this illustration is the arch formation of stars, appearing behind the Eagle. As a final touch, artists have engraved the round’s weight and purity along with the words “LIBERTY SILVER” in a circular border around the eagle.

Why Choose Silver Rounds?

Silver rounds are a popular means of investing, and building a collector’s portfolio, for many numismatists. There are many reasons for the popularity of silver rounds. Viewed as a snapshot of the current economic climate, silver rounds are surging in popularity for the exact same reason as bullion coins such as the American Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, and Chinese Silver Panda: silver prices. While gold and platinum have shot to record highs at various points in recent years, silver prices are shrinking.

Lower silver prices push more investors into the marketplace. These individuals look to invest their hard-earned cash in silver now while prices are low, allowing them to purchase greater quantities of silver and hold onto those with the long-term goal of seeing silver prices rise. The greatest benefit that silver rounds have compared to popular bullion coins such as those mentioned above is the producer. Yes, coins from the United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and Perth Mint (among others) are in high demand, and they are among the highest quality coins available today. However, there are two hurdles preventing average investors and new investors from getting into the market.

First, many of the sovereign coins released by these mints are restricted in production on one level or another. For example, Perth Mint coins such as the Australian Silver Kookaburra and Australian Silver Koala have limited mintages (usually maxed at 1 million) that restrict the amount available on an annual basis. In the case of the American Silver Eagle, the United States Mint strikes the coins to meet demand. However, the Mint has been forced to institute an allocation program restricting the volume at times to meet the immense demand for silver coins.

More importantly, the coins struck by these mints have higher premiums over the spot price of silver. The demand for these coins and the limited mintage of each leads to higher prices, making it difficult for collectors to regularly purchase the designs they covet and tougher for new investors to break into the market. If you’ve been considering the purchase of silver rounds as part of your investment portfolio or collection, browse the complete variety of silver rounds below.

A-Mark Silver Bars

Silver bars are a popular option for any investors, offering the opportunity to invest in larger quantities of silver without procuring more products (such as coins) and consuming more space in the process. Additionally, some silver bars are produced as cast products that offer some of the lowest premiums over the spot price of silver you’ll find on the market today.

Among those options is the 10 oz A-Mark Silver Bar. This simple product from A-Mark features only the mint’s own designs and is available at extremely affordable prices. On the obverse side of the 10 oz. A-Mark Silver Bar you’ll find the large-font, bold image of the A-Mark logo. This design features a stylized letter “A” with horizontal lines swooping off to its right-hand side. Below it are engravings of the mint name, the bar’s purity, metal content, and weight.

Flip the bar over and you’ll find a repeating text pattern on the reverse. This test is set at a 45-degree angle across the bar, reading from the lower left to the upper right of the bar’s reverse face. The included text reads “.999+,” “Pure Silver,” and “10 oz. Troy A-Mark.”

Why Choose Silver Bars?

There is no more popular product in the world right now than a silver bar. Investors and collectors alike are flocking to silver because, despite its high prices, it’s still an incredible investment vehicle that offers individuals protection against the volatility of the modern stock market. Humans have long looked to precious metals as a means of protecting individual wealth, and mints around the globe have responded in recent years with an expanding portfolio of silver bars.

Modern silver bars are more than just bland precious metal products with uninspiring designs. While there is always a pure product available for the investor that is easy to store and transport, there are also an increasing number of silver bars available that feature unique designs, offering the perfect combination between .999 purity and the creativity often reserved only for gold and silver coins.

Hand-poured bars offer the simplest option and lowest prices for silver bars. As the name suggests, each of these bars started out as melted silver (or gold in some cases) that is poured by hand into a mold that reflects the basic design a mint or refinery is going for.

There are no computers involved in the production of hand-poured bars, and as a result you will often find minor imperfections in the overall finish of the product. Each product will have its own, unique finish because of the manner in which it cools into a hardened form. This, of course, is all part of the allure of hand-poured products.

Conversely, minted ingots are highly refined in appearance, and come with higher prices. Refiners start by manufacturing long, flat cast bars to serve as the blanks upon which minted ingots will eventually be formed. Traditionally this was done by creating a long mold that was used in the production of cast bars. These molds made it possible to create cast blanks with the precise width, thickness, and length required to make minted ingots.

To speed up the process, modern refiners will often use a continuous casting process instead. This produces bar stock of the required width and thickness on a continuous basis that is then fed into a continuous casting machine. Throughout a very complex process, the cast blanks are melted under induction heating or resistance heating to form minted ingot shapes that match exact specifications.

The new bars are then broken down in a rolling mill to reduce the larger batches down to the required thickness, and an interstage annealing process occurs that recrystallizes the grain structure of the metals and improves the surface finish of the bar. The rolling mill, combined with a strip annealing furnace help refine the bars to their required thickness. Further exposure to a gauging mill refines the bars even more, before they are eventually sent to the blanking press where each individual bar is punched out of the strip to prepare for striking process, at which point mint marks and designs are added to the finished product.

About A-Mark Precious Metals

A-Mark is a full-service precious metals company located in Santa Monica, California. The company runs a precious metals trading operation on a global scale, dealing in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars, ingots, and coins. Working with mints, manufacturers, fabricators, refiners, coin and bullion dealers, and other financial institutions, A-Mark provides first-rate depository storage services. A-Mark offers direct drop shipping, delivery and receipt at convenient depositories, and allocated/unallocated inventory with delivery and storage available worldwide.

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Paper checks have a 4% discount relative to credit and debit cards, as well as a higher maximum of $50,000, but take four to six business days to process. Pay Pal transfers are capped at $10,000 and process instantaneously. Bank wire transfers have the only minimum purchase, at $2,500, but also have the highest maximum at $150,000 and process instantaneously. offers an affordable, tiered shipping schedule. All purchases in excess of $3,000 qualify for free standard shipping and insurance. With any purchase, expedited shipping is available for an extra fee. The United States Postal Service or UPS will handle shipping of all goods.

All products are packaged in discreet boxes for shipping to conceal the identity of your products while in transit. Should your packages suffer damage or become lost/stolen, will work to correct the situation. For lost or stolen products, we work with the carriers to try and locate the packages. If your products are damaged, we try to provide replacement products but are often limited to available supplies. If all else fails, will file an insurance claim on your behalf to recover your purchase price.

If you have any further questions about A-Mark silver products, please don’t hesitate to ask Our associates are available on the phone at 888-989-7223, or you can connect with us online using our live web chat and email features.