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Bar Accessories

Few investors stop to consider the storage and display of their gold, silver, and platinum bars. After all, bullion and proof coins get more attention from collectors in the modern era, with brilliant designs and beautiful finishes. However, more refineries and mints are expanding the offering of precious metal bars right now to include products with finishes previously seen only on coin programs. Whether you’ve got simple bullion bars or brilliantly designed bars, it’s important to protect them with the right products. currently carries bar supplies to help ensure the value of your bars over time.

Are Bar Tubes Really Necessary?

In short; yes! Even if you store your gold or silver bars in a safe and have no intention of ever handling them, the lack of an air-tight seal and potential for trapped moisture inside your safe could lead to corrosion and deterioration. How does this happen? When you seal the safe, if it isn’t air tight you could be trapping moisture inside or allowing humidity to seep in slowly over time, leading to corrosion of the metals.

Likewise, those who prefer to keep their beautiful silver and gold bars on display in their home risk damage from a number of sources. First and foremost, plastic sleeves might allow you to view your products and protect them from scratches, but it is not an air-tight environment, and as such leaves your silver and gold susceptible to corrosion due to humidity. Even worse, PVC and plastic tubes have a tendency to release acidic gases over the course of time, which can lead to further deterioration of gold and silver.

If your bars are going to be handled on a regular basis, bar tubes are incredibly important because it protects the bar from oil in human skin. Every time a hand touches your gold or silver, oils from the skin can rub off on the precious metal. The result can be, at best, smudges that ruin the visual brilliance of your bar. Attempting to clean those smudges can only lead to further damage. In a worst case scenario, the oils tarnish the otherwise beautiful matte and/or deeply-mirrored finishes of the bar.

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The value of your gold and silver bars the result of a combination between the purity of the metal, and the condition of the finished product. Scuffs, scratches, contact marks, smudges, smears, and flawed finishes all equate to a lower value. Air-tight bar tubes allow you to store or display your favorite gold and silver bars in a case that allows others to view them, but also protects them from harsh conditions.

Inside a bar tube, your silver and gold products are protected from humidity, moisture, contact with other objects, and oils from human skin. All air-tight bar tubes are constructed of acrylic because it is a non-abrasive material that won’t contribute to the deterioration in value of your bars. Additionally, non-yellowing agents help prevent tarnishing over the course of time.

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