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Copper Bars

1 oz $1 Banknote Copper Bars (New)

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1 oz $10 Banknote Copper Bars (New)

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1 oz $100 Banknote Copper Bars (New)

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1 oz $500 Banknote Copper Bars (New)

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1 oz Saint Gaudens Copper Bars (New)

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1 oz Indian Head Copper Bars (New)

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1 oz Morgan Copper Bars (New)

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Copper Bullion Bars

Copper bullion has become more and more popular as an investment vehicle by both precious and base metal collectors alike. Today, copper bullion is available in round, bar and bullet form. Copper bars provide investors a simple and convenient way to diversify their holdings with this metal. In addition, copper bars may have a degree of collectability, as well.

Types of Bars

Copper bars come in many different types. These copper bars are produced by private minting companies and can often have a great amount of detail. Some of the more popular copper bars are those of which are designed after old US silver coinage. This includes pieces like the Morgan one ounce copper bar for example, which is designed after the US Morgan Dollar. Another popular series of designs are what is called the Banknote copper bar. This series is quite intricate in its design and are made to look like older US paper currency.

coppermorganartbarBar Sizes

Copper bars, like copper bullion rounds, come basically in one size-the popular and convenient one ounce size. Like copper rounds, it is possible that as these copper bullion products gain in popularity, additional sizes could potentially be introduced. Aside from the one ounce size, there are also 5 oz, 10 oz, 1/2 pound and 1 pound sizes.

Copper Bar Pricing

Copper bars, like rounds, carry a decent premium over the current copper price. Copper bars, because of their design and detail, may be considered more collectable, as well. A one ounce copper banknote bar, for example, will sell for approximately $1.00 over the current spot copper price.

Why Investors Like Copper Bars

Copper bars may potentially provide metals investors with some benefits. Copper bullion can be a great way to add diversification to a precious metals portfolio. In addition, because of the detail and intricate designs on copper bars, these bars may potentially become more and more collectable over time. Copper has been used by mankind for thousands and thousands of years, and the demand for this extremely useful metal is likely to continue to rise.