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Copper Bullets

Copper Bullets

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Copper Bullet Replicas

Copper bullion bullets are another form of copper bullion that one may invest in and collect. The bullet designs are relatively new, but have been inspired by the popularity of the silver bullion bullet. These copper bullets resemble real ammunition, but are not made to be used as such. Copper bullets, as well as their silver counterparts, have been especially popular among hunters, outdoors enthusiasts, historians and even weapon enthusiasts.

Types of Bullets

Copper bullets come in a few designs as they are produced to resemble actual ammunition. These types include but may not be limited to the 1 oz .45 caliber bullet, the 1.5 oz 30/30 bullet and the 5 oz 12 gauge shotgun shell. Generally the larger the round, the larger the copper bullet will be. For example, the .45 caliber round contains 1 ounce of copper while the 12 gauge shotgun shell contains 5 ounces of copper.

1.5 oz Copper Bullet (.308 Caliber, New)

At this time, these copper bullets are made by only a limited number of private mints. No matter the size or design of the bullet, most are made from 99.9 percent fine copper. They can range in size from around 1 ounce up to 5 ounces. Other common sizes found in between include the 1.5 oz and the 2 oz round.


Copper bullets, like copper rounds and copper bars, carry a decent premium over the spot copper price. Copper bullets are some of the more collectable copper bullion products, and therefore tend to carry the highest premium over spot of these three types. For example, a .45 caliber copper bullet may sell for around $1.69 while a similarly sized bar may be $1.19.

Why Investors Enjoy Owning Copper Bullets

Copper is a metal that has been widely used by man for thousands of years. Demand for copper has been strong for a very long time, and it is quite possible that our demand for copper continues to increase over time. Because of this, copper bullion could potentially become more valuable if copper prices rise. Copper bullion may provide not only precious metals investors, but also base metal investors a way to diversify their metals holdings. In addition, because of the collectable nature of these products, relative scarcity could potentially add to their value. Copper products, because of their relatively inexpensive overall price, can also help those on a limited budget begin to build a metals portfolio.