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Copper Rounds

1 oz Capped Bust Half Dollar Copper Rounds (New)

$1.14 As low as $0.99

1 oz Mercury Dime Copper Rounds (New)

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1 oz Morgan Dollar Copper Rounds (New)

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1 oz Panda Copper Rounds (New)

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1 oz Buffalo Copper Rounds (New)

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1 oz Standing Liberty Copper Rounds (New)

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1 oz Lincoln Head Copper Rounds (New)

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1 oz $1 Banknote Copper Rounds (New)

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1 oz $10 Banknote Copper Rounds (New)

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1 oz $2 Banknote Copper Rounds (New)

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1 oz $500 Banknote Copper Rounds (New)

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1 oz Trade Dollar Copper Rounds (New)

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1 oz U.S. Quarter Copper Rounds (New)

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Copper 20-Round Variety Tubes (New)

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Copper Bullion Rounds

Copper rounds have been becoming more and more popular these days due to their low cost and the range of designs that are available. Sometimes referred to as the “Poor man’s silver,” copper rounds are a simple way to acquire base metals and add diversification to one’s precious metals portfolio. These copper rounds are sought out by both precious metal and base metal collectors, as well as investors of all types.

Copper has a very long history; humankind has been using the metal since around 9000 B.C. In fact, the Bronze Age of human history is named after bronze, which is a copper alloy. Although the price of copper has gone sideways for extended periods at times during its history, the metal has seen some large upswings in price in recent years. These higher prices are likely contributing to copper’s appeal as an alternative metal investment.

Types of Copper Rounds

Copper rounds are produced in many different designs ranging from anything including old US coins to animals. Some of the more popular types of copper rounds are the copper buffalo, the American bison, the Liberty Head and the The Rattler. These rounds are produced with intricate detail and manufactured by private minting companies. Like precious metals, most copper rounds will have the fineness stamped on the round but no mintmark.

1 oz NTR Buffalo Copper Round (New)

Sizes of Rounds

Copper rounds are primarily produced in one ounce size. It would not be surprising, however, to see additional sizes introduced as the popularity of the copper round increases. Another fact investors should note is that unlike precious metals which are measured by troy ounces, copper, being a base metal, is measured by the avoirdupois ounce. A troy ounce consists of 31.1 grams while the avoirdupois contains 28.


Copper rounds seem very inexpensive at first glance in comparison to their precious metal counterparts. This can, however, be slightly misleading as it is because of the fact that the price of copper is fairly low relative to gold or silver prices. When looking at copper rounds more closely, one will see that they do carry a decent sized premium above the spot copper price. This should not necessarily deter someone from buying copper rounds; however, it is something that is worth considering. Many copper rounds currently sell for about $.99 per ounce.

Why Investors Prefer Rounds

Although copper rounds may carry a premium, it is quite possible that these rounds will continue to grow in popularity. Should this be the case, it is possible that premiums eventually come down. In addition, copper rounds allow metals investors a way to diversify their holdings a bit and add something that is recognized and liquid in addition to just gold and silver. Copper also has inherent value due to its vast industrial uses and physical properties.