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Geiger Edelmetalle Gold and Silver Bullion

Although the United States is home to a large concentration of private mints in the global precious metals industry, there are private mints located around the globe. While many of those in the United States focus on round and unique bars, many foreign private mints predominantly manufacture bars. Geiger Edelmetalle is one of the world’s leading private mints refining silver precious metal bars.

Geiger was founded in the Saxony region of Germany in 1218. It is located in a region of Germany with more than 1,000 years of silver mining history and produces a range of silver bullion investment bars, as well as a sovereign bullion coin. Today, the most popular product from Geiger Edelmetalle is actually struck for another nation. The Armenian Silver Noah’s Ark coin tells the biblical tale from the Christian bible’s book of Genesis. Armenia has a deep connection to this tale, as it was the first modern nation to adopt Christianity as a state religion, and the famous Mount Ararat where the ark came to rest was traditionally located within its borders.

Learn more about the collection of silver bars found online from Geiger at, as well as the coveted Silver Armenian Noah’s Ark coins.

Background on Geiger Edelmetalle

Geiger Edelmetalle is a family owned company located in Germany that focuses on the trade of high-quality bars, certain rounds, and coins made of silver, gold, platinum, palladium, and copper. The company’s headquarters, and first registered office, are located at the Schloss Guldengossa castle near the city of Leipzig, and was built in 1720. Of particular historical note is the connection between the castle headquarters and Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, both of whom were also attached to precious metals.

Geiger enjoys a strategic cooperation with its sister company, Leipziger Edemetallverarbeitung GmbH, which allows it to offer customers precious metal products which are produced in-house. This ensures the high-quality fabrication of produces and saved industrial buildings dating to the 1930s from demolition.

Inside of Germany, Geiger Edelmetalle is a wholesale merchant for trading partners and private customers alike, helping them meet individual and commercial requirements. Geiger is also Germany’s only private minting facility, producing and distributing the silver bullion coin of the Armenian Central Bank each year.

Modern Geiger Edelmetalle can trace its roots back to the silver mining traditions of Germany’s Saxony region in the southeast of the country. The heart of this silver mining is found in the mountainous region of Erzgebirge, where silver mining and the production of precious metal products has existed for more than 1,000 years.

Types of Geiger Edelmetalle Bars

All of Geiger Edelmetalle’s primary bar production is in the form of silver minted ingots. In order to create minted ingot bars such as the 1 oz Silver Geiger Edelmetalle Bar, refiners will start by manufacturing long, flat cast bars to serve as the blanks upon which minted ingots will eventually be formed. Traditionally this was done by creating a long mold that was used in the production of cast bars. These molds made it possible to create cast blanks with the precise width, thickness, and length required to make minted ingots.

To speed up the process, modern refiners will often use a continuous casting process instead. This produces bar stock of the required width and thickness on a continuous basis that is then fed into a continuous casting machine. Throughout a very complex process, the cast blanks are melted under induction heating or resistance heating to form minted ingot shapes that match exact specifications.

The new bars are then broken down in a rolling mill to reduce the larger batches down to the required thickness, and an interstage annealing process occurs that recrystallizes the grain structure of the metals and improves the surface finish of the bar. The rolling mill, combined with a strip annealing furnace help refine the bars to their required thickness. Further exposure to a gauging mill refines the bars even more, before they are eventually sent to the blanking press where each individual bar is punched out of the strip to prepare for striking process, at which point mint marks and designs are added to the finished product.

Geiger Edelmetalle Security Line Bars

The single most popular production from Geiger Edelmetalle is the Security Line option of silver bars. These bars are available in a wide array of weights that include, but are not necessarily limited to the following options:

There is a distinct difference in the design of the Security Line bars from 1 Gram to 50 Grams in weight, and then upward from the 100 Gram to the 5,000 Gram options. The major difference in the bars in the lower weight range is that their design features, while similar in appearance, are arranged horizontally across the bar. The design on the larger weight bar has its features arranged vertically from top to bottom on the bar without raised edges as the weights get larger from 100 oz upward.

Security Line Silver Bars from Geiger Edelmetalle are among the most advanced silver products on the market today. Geiger uses a total of four new, unique security features to protect the identity and authenticity of the bars from counterfeiting. Among the simpler security features are the ribbed edge, the pearl finish on the obverse, the textured finish of the reverse, and the security label (including serial number) on the bottom edge of the bar.

The most advanced feature on the new Security Line bars is the UV varnish used on the reverse side of the bar. A blue UV varnish is applied on this side of the bar that displays both the year of minting and the LEV (German initials for the mint) rhombus when exposed to a UV light.

For example, on the obverse side of the bar you’ll find a circular logo for Geiger Edelmetalle that features the image of Castle Schloss Guldengossa, the headquarters of the mint. The mint name is featured at the top of the bar, followed by the metal content, purity, and weight of the bar. While the image of Scholl Guldengossa bears a mirrored finish, the background on the obverse has the aforementioned pearl finish.

The reverse side of the 1 Gram Silver Security Line Bar features a repeating image of the LEV rhombus, a textured finish, and a mirrored appearance. Again, this is the side with the UV varnish that provides the most advanced security against counterfeiting.

Packaging of Security Line Silver Bars

Each Security Line silver bar is individually vacuum-sealed to protect it from impurities, oils, and scuff marks. In addition, the silver bars are packaged in a beautiful mahogany box depending on the number of silver bars purchased. The boxes have the Castle Guldengossa carved on top and can hold a number of different size combinations with up to 200 1-ounce bars and 600 1-gram bars.

Sovereign Coinage from Geiger Edelmetalle

The private German mint is the exclusive production facility of the Armenian Noah’s Ark coin. The youngest silver bullion program in Europe is the Silver Armenian Noah’s Ark Coins. The Silver Armenian Noah’s Ark Coins were introduced in 2011 as a 1 oz silver bullion coin. That same year, 1/2 and 1/4 oz coins were also released as fractional weight options. In 2012, the series further expanded with larger weight coins including a 5 oz, 10 oz, Kilo, and 5 Kilo coin option. The 1 oz has continued to be the most popular coin in the program, however.

These coins are based on the story of Noah’s Ark in the Bible. In the Book of Genesis, Noah fills the ark full of animals and they float on flood waters for 40 days. At the end of 40 days, the ark washes up on Mount Ararat after a dove returned to the ship with an olive branch. Mount Ararat is a very real location in Eastern Europe that was, for a long time, the possession of the Ottoman Empire. In the 20th century, modern Armenia was created in the aftermath of World War I and the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. As a result, Mount Ararat was moved when borders were drawn from its traditional home in Armenia to a possession of Turkey.

It is said that Noah’s Ark, built to preserve mankind and the animals of the world from a devastating flood, came to rest on the sides of Mount Ararat. Not only do Armenians lay claim to this, but the nation was also the first modern kingdom to official accept Christianity as a national religion.

The obverse of each 1 oz Silver Armenian Noah’s Ark Coin features the image of the Armenian Coat of Arms. In the center of the shield, you will see a depiction of the tale of Noah’s Ark with a boat on top of Mount Ararat with water below. To the left, you will see an eagle. On the right, there is a lion.

On the reverse of each coin, you will see the ark and the flood described in the Book of Genesis in the Christian Bible. You can see the dove with an olive branch flying over the boat that is supposedly filled with various animals.

The vast majority of Silver Armenian Noah’s Ark coins online at are in BU condition. Coins in BU condition have no signs of wear and tear, but they may have minor flaws. These flaws include breaks in luster, spots on the surface and contact marks from the coining process.

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