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10 oz Gold Bars

10 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bars (New in Assay)

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10 oz Johnson Matthey Gold Bar

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10 oz Gold Bullion Bars

Ten ounce bars are one of the more commonly found sizes of gold bullion available on the market today. Despite 10 ounce gold bars sounding like they are generic, the reality is that these particular bars are produced by many different companies around the world, and because of this, two 10 oz gold bars produced by two different companies may have some disparities between them as far as pricing is concerned. The purpose of this page is to walk you through everything there is to know about 10 oz gold bars.

Producing Mints

There are currently a variety of mints which produce 10 oz gold bars and even though two bars may look exactly the same and have the same purity, some investors prefer one bar over another simply because of the mint mark that is stamped into the bar itself. Just like some people prefer a certain car manufacturer over another, some investors simply prefer bars produced by one company and one company only.

If you are an investor who is not particularly biased towards one mint or another, you have an advantage over investors who are. The reason for this lies in the fact that not being aligned to just one mint means that you will always be able to hunt out the most inexpensive gold bar on the market. While hearing the word “inexpensive” may cause you to worry about the quality of the bar or trustworthiness of the mint, these are things you need not be concerned with when it comes to investing in 10 oz gold bars.

So long as you are purchasing new bars with the same purity, the producer of the bar is, more often than not, irrelevant. Nonetheless, you will still find countless investors who simply prefer one brand over another, and this is their prerogative.

Some of the most commonly found producers of 10 oz gold bars are listed below:

There are other mints which produce 10 oz gold bars, though the ones listed here are arguably the most popular.

Design and Purity

The design of 10 oz gold bars will vary slightly from producer to producer, but for the most part they are in line with what you will commonly find on other-sized bars. Nearly every 10 oz gold bar has stamped into it the purity, the 10 oz weight, and the mintmark of the producing mint. You will be hard-pressed to find a bar of this size that is missing one of those three elements.

The purity of gold bars, especially 10 oz gold bars, is almost always 99.99% or .9999. This means that your bar is comprised of 99.99% gold and almost no filler metals or other elements.


While smaller bars are accompanied with a protective plastic case, as well as an assay card used to authenticate the bar, many 10 oz gold bars are not provided with an assay card.

In the event that no assay is offered with the purchase of your bar, most mints will imprint a unique serial number to every one of their bars. This number is verifiable with the producing mint and is another fool-proof way of guaranteeing the authenticity of your investment.

Even though not every 10 oz bar comes equipped with an assay card, there are some that do. If you want a gold bar with an assay card all you have to do is a little searching, because they are available. For example the 10 oz Perth Mint gold bar comes encased in an assay card while most 10 oz Johnson Matthey bars do not. You can find all of this information under the specs on the product page of each bar for more examples.