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RCM Gold Bars

RCM Gold Bars

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Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bullion

RCM, also known as the Royal Canadian Mint, is one of the most trusted mints known not only to North America but the rest of the world, as well. They have been in existence since the early 1900s, and ever since then have worked towards producing the highest quality precious metal products in the world, which includes gold bullion bars.

Gold bars are just one of the many facets of RCM’s business, and are what many investors seek out when they turn to RCM. The mint is well known for their high standards and strict quality control, not to mention the finely-detailed designs located on most all of their gold bars. The purpose of this page is to introduce you to RCM gold bars and everything there is to know about them.


The history of the Royal Canadian Mint is a two part story that sees the company expand greatly from its inception back in 1908. Before the first RCM facility was opened in Canada, the North American country’s coins were produced in England and shipped across the Atlantic. As you can clearly see, this process of production in England and then shipment across the ocean was costly and time consuming. This is why the Royal Mint of England decided it was a good idea to open a branch in Ottawa, Canada.

The Ottawa facility first opened in 1908, though it was not until the early 1930s that it achieved its independence from England. In addition to producing coins, the Ottawa facility was and still is charged with the production of bars and rounds, as well.

If you look at a map of North America, it is easy to see that Canada is a very expansive country. Because of this, the sole Ottawa facility was not enough to produce the nation’s coins as well as the various other pieces of bullion. In the early 1970s, Canada decided it was time for a new minting facility to be opened. Fast forward to 1976 and the RCM’s facility in Winnipeg was opened. Nowadays, both of these facilities are still operational and produce all types of bullion both for domestic and international concerns.

Gold Bar Sizes Produced

When it comes to gold bars, investors are in need of a number of different sizes of bars to invest in. While some investors want to add just a small amount of gold to an existing investment, other investors are just getting started and are in need of a lot of metal. RCM is able to suit the needs of just about any investor due to the fact that they produce gold bars across a wide range of different weights.

Though the mint produces a wide range of gold bars in large sizes such as 1 kilo and 100 oz, by far their most popular product is the 1 ounce RCM Gold Bar. While RCM does not cover the weight range that other mints do, they have a very solid offering of high quality gold bars.

Protection and Authentication

When it comes to gold bars, counterfeits are becoming more and more prevalent as of late. Recognizing this, gold bar-producing companies, such as RCM, do everything they can in order to authenticate the bars that have their mintmark stamped onto them. RCM gold bars are accompanied by what is called an assay card, or certification, that ensures the authenticity of the gold bar. In regards to the one ounce RCM gold bar, the assay card doubles as a plastic case which works to protect the condition of your investment.

Larger bars, such as the 1 kilogram gold bar, are not encased in plastic, but rather, have a serial number stamped into their bar. This serial number is unique to your gold bar and is verifiable with the RCM.

RCM Gold Bar Packaging

Another reason why investors prefer gold bars produced by the RCM is that when accumulating them over time, they are easy to stack on top of each other. When ordering these bars in even larger quantities, they even come in a sealed plastic storage container, making them convenient to store away in tight spaces like home safes or safety deposit boxes. All RCM gold bars purchased through are mailed securely in non-discript packaging and ship in their original mint-packaging to further protect your investment.