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Sunshine Mint Gold Bars

Sunshine Mint Gold Bars

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Sunshine Mint Gold Bullion

The Sunshine Mint was founded in 1979. This mint is considered to be one of the top gold and silver bullion producers. The company also offers a number of services outside of just standard gold and silver bullion production. Some of these services include: Art and design development, assay lab and quality assurance, extruding, precious metal alloying, rolling, gold plating and more. The mint’s headquarters are located in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. The company has also commissioned offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and China. The Sunshine Mint is a member of several institutions including Inc. 500, the LBMA and the Silver Institute, among others. The mint’s bullion products are some of the most recognized in the world, and they produce products that are acceptable for U.S. IRA accounts.

Gold Bar Sizes

All Sunshine Mint gold bars are made from .9999 percent (24k) pure gold. The bars are packaged in Tamper Evident Packaging helping buyers make sure that they are getting an authentic bullion product. The sunshine mint offers a good selection of gold bullion bars. The most popular gold bullion products that are made by the mint are:

Sunshine Gold Bar Design

Gold bars made by the mint are of a relatively simple design most all of which feature their Sunshine Eagle design. The face of the bars has the mintmark, as well as a serial number, weight and purity. Sunshine Mint gold bars have a special trademarked Mintmark SI which when viewed through a sunshine decoder lens shows the validity of the bar. The back side of the bar has a basic design that gives the bar enough detail to look nice, but isn’t so much that it distracts from the quality of the bar itself. The bars are very well packaged, and look quite beautiful.

Investors like the Sunshine Mint gold bars for several reasons. The Sunshine Mint is known to produce quality bullion. The gold is of a high purity and although the bars are of extremely good quality, the premiums they command over the spot gold price are quite reasonable. One ounce Sunshine Mint gold bars may often be purchased for less than $20 over the spot gold price. They are a cost effective way for investors to accumulate gold bullion.

Sunshine Mint Reputation

The Sunshine Mint carries a reputation for quality and craftsmanship, and gold investors around the globe are likely familiar with the name. Their reputation for quality is so good, in fact, that the mint supplies others in the minting industry with high quality fine gold and silver blanks. In addition, the mint can provide high quality blanks from alloys or even base metals.

Sunshine’s gold bars come in top notch condition and are beautifully packaged in tamper evident packaging. The company takes a lot of pride not only in the bullion it makes, but how it shows and delivers that bullion, as well.