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Gold Australian Coins

2020 1/20 oz Gold Australian Lunar Mouse Coins (BU)

$97.55 As low as $95.55

2020 1/10 oz Gold Australian Lunar Mouse Coins (BU)

$167.11 As low as $165.11

2019 1/10 oz Gold Australian Lunar Pig Coins (BU)

$171.11 As low as $168.11

2020 1/4 oz Gold Australian Lunar Mouse Coins (BU)

$402.80 As low as $400.80

2019 1/4 oz Gold Australian Lunar Pig Coins (BU)

$406.80 As low as $404.80

2020 1/2 oz Gold Australian Lunar Mouse Coins (BU)

$785.10 As low as $783.10

2019 1/2 oz Gold Australian Lunar Pig Coins (BU)

$793.60 As low as $791.60

2016 1/2 oz Gold Australian Lunar Monkey Coins (BU)

$803.60 As low as $801.10

2015 1/2 oz Gold Australian Lunar Goat Coins (BU)

$810.61 As low as $809.61

2020 1 oz Gold Australian Lunar Mouse Coins (BU)

$1,556.21 As low as $1,551.21

2013 1 oz Gold Australian Lunar Snake Coins (BU)

$1,576.21 As low as $1,571.21

2020 2 oz Gold Australian Lunar Mouse Coins (BU)

$3,057.42 As low as $3,047.42

2017 2 oz Gold Australian Lunar Rooster Coins (BU)

$3,152.42 As low as $3,142.42

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Australian Gold Coins

The Perth Mint is known around the world for creating some of the most breathtaking coins, with purity levels and high quality finishes that some mints can only dream of producing. Among the most sought-after coins from the Perth Mint by investors and collectors alike are its wide variety of gold coins.

Why Perth Mint Gold Coins?

A major component in the allure of Perth Mint Gold Coins is the minimum purity levels the mint strives for in all of its gold products. All of the gold coins struck at the Perth Mint, both proof and bullion, feature a minimum fineness of .9999 pure gold. Whether consumers are looking to add to an already impressive coin collection or store their wealth in precious metal products, Perth Mint Gold Coins are an excellent option because their .9999 purity automatically makes the products eligible for use in Precious Metal IRA accounts.

Popular Perth Mint Gold Coins

The most popular gold coin series from the Perth Mint to date was the original Lunar Coin series. A common series of coins at mints everywhere today, Lunar Coins were first introduced by the Perth Mint in 1996. Honoring the animals of the Zodiac and the Chinese Lunar Calendar’s role in Chinese culture, the Lunar Coin series was a 12-year program that included a brand-new coin each year commemorating one of the animals of the Zodiac.

Original coins from the Lunar Series were struck from 1996 to 2007, and featured simplistic reverse design sets with the animal for each lunar year. Following the conclusion of that coin series, the Perth Mint launched an all-new Lunar Series II in 2008. The popular program picked mimicked the original Lunar Series, starting with the Year of the Mouse and scheduled to run for 12 years.

Perth Mint Gold Coins from Lunar Series II include the all-new 2015 Australian Year of the Goat coin. Available in 1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/20 oz, these coins feature a more elaborate design scheme on the reverse side. An intricately designed mountain goat is featured atop a rocky outcrop, with mountains rising behind in the background.

The Perth Mint’s most popular coin, the Australian Koala, is also struck in gold each year. Produced in both bullion and proof finishes, the Gold Australian Koala coin was introduced in 2008 and includes a 2 oz coin, 1 oz high-relief proof, 1/10 oz, and 1/20 oz. These coins feature a brand-new design each year, using the same motif and design sets from its silver counterpart in each production cycle.

The latest Perth Mint Gold Coin is the all-new 2015 Australian Kangaroo Coin. Featuring the world’s largest member of the marsupial family, and a native of Australia, the kangaroo coin depicts one of the creatures bounding across the wide-open spaces of the Outback. The word’s “Australian Kangaroo” are engraved above the image, with the year of minting, weight, purity, and metal content below.

On the obverse side of all Perth Mint Gold Coins you’ll find the same design. Ian Rank-Broadley’s right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II graces the reverse of all Australian currency. Engravings surrounding her name can differ from one coin to another at times, but often include her full name, the nation of issue, and the face value of the coin in AUD.

History of the Perth Mint

Australia’s Perth Mint has quickly established itself as one of the world’s finest precious metal refiners and coin producers. The mint was first founded in 1899, just two years before Australia’s federation as a commonwealth of independent states in 1901. The Perth Mint joined the Sydney Mint and Melbourne Mint, both of which are now closed, in the Royal Mint system governed by the British Empire.

All three mints combined to refine gold and silver discovered on the continent dating back to the mid-19th century. The Perth Mint alone produced 106 million gold sovereign coins and 735,000 half-sovereign coins for use as currency across the British Empire between 1901 and 1936. Since 1970, the Perth Mint has been a state-owned entity of the local government in Western Australia.

The Perth Mint does not handle the design and production of Australia’s official currency. That duty lies with the Royal Australian Mint system. Although it is not the nation’s official mint, Perth Mint Gold Coins do enjoy status as legal tender under the Currency Act of 1965. In addition to producing gold coins for Australia, the Perth Mint strikes official currency and commemorative coins for smaller South Pacific islands such as Tuvalu, the Cook Islands, and others.

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