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You’ll find gold for sale online today in a variety of styles and types. Gold bullion products are available as bars, coins, and even rounds. A gold round is a unique type of investment-grade and collectible gold. While coins are produced by sovereign and private mints around the globe with a face value, gold rounds are produced exclusively by private mints. Gold rounds are similar to gold bars in that right, but provide a different option for investors and collectors when compared to bars. Now, you can learn all about gold rounds at

Gold Rounds vs. Gold Bars and Gold Coins

While gold coins and gold bars are available as both investment-grade and collectible products, gold rounds differ from these two options in important ways. Gold bars are produced in a variety of styles ranging from cast gold bars purely for the sake of investing in gold to minted gold ingots that offer both investment and collectible value. Many minted gold ingots even have intricate designs similar to what you might find on gold rounds.

Gold bullion coins, on the other hand, are produced by government and private mints for nations to issue. Bullion coins are investment-grade and proof coins are ideal for collecting. The designs on gold coins are distinct to each issuing nation and often feature national symbols. Bullion coins can have unlimited mintage figures, though proof gold coins typically have set mintage caps and designs that may be available only for a limited time.

Gold rounds share facets of both gold bars and gold rounds. Like gold bars, gold rounds are primarily issued by private mints. Similar to gold coins, gold rounds often feature intricate designs and may even use historic coin designs, such as some of the most coveted historic US coin designs. Gold rounds have the benefit of lower premiums over the spot price of gold because they are produced at private mints and generally have no mintage limit restricting the availability of designs.

Who Produces Gold Rounds?

As referred to above, gold rounds are minted by private minting facilities. Only sovereign mints or private mints working with national reserve banks can issue gold bullion coins with an official face value. In the United States, for example, the United States Mint is the only facility with the authority of Congress to strike and issue gold coins with an official face value. As a result, private mints such as the Golden State Mint produce gold rounds for investors and collectors to purchase. Examples of these products include Saint-Gaudens’ Liberty design on the face of gold rounds.

Why is it called a Gold Round?

These gold products are available with the name “gold round” because of the exclusive use of the term coin. In the United States, coin refers to a precious metal product that has an official face value issued by the US Mint and backed by the federal government. In order to differentiate these products in the precious metals market, gold products with the same shape as a coin but not issued by a sovereign government are referred to as “rounds.”

Availability of Gold Rounds

Generally speaking, gold rounds have greater availability to both investors and collectors than gold coin counterparts. Similar to gold bars, gold rounds in an investment-grade option are regularly struck year after year as an option for those gold buyers looking to invest in the popular yellow metal as a means of diversifying a portfolio. When compared to historic gold coins or proof gold coins, gold rounds offer the same beautiful designs and finishes with higher mintage figures. This means there is a lower premium over the spot price of gold because gold rounds lack the rarity of proof gold coins.

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