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The Highland Mint

The Highland Mint

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The Highland Mint

The Highland Mint is one of America’s best private minting facilities, exceling in the production of a number of precious metal products that range from fractional-weight silver rounds to 1 oz silver rounds. Below you’ll find a selection of available Highland Mint products currently stocked by, as well as some reasons to consider silver rounds as a part of your precious metals collection or investment portfolio.

Background on Highland Mint

Florida’s Highland Mint was founded in the 1980s, and is best known for producing silver commemorative medals and licensed products for professional sports teams from America’s major sporting leagues, as well as the National Collegiate Athletic Association. It does also produce silver rounds with .999 pure silver content. Their most popular silver rounds feature the iconic Indian Head Nickel (1913-1938) and Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1947) designs on a Buffalo Silver Round and Walking Liberty Round, respectively.

Highland Mint Fractional Silver Rounds

Highland Mint is a leader in the US private mint industry when it comes to the release of silver rounds bearing iconic American coin designs from the early 20th century. What sets Highland Mint apart from the vast majority of the competition is the availability of these designs on fractional silver rounds.

There are a total of three different historic US coin designs found on three different fractional silver round offerings from the Highland Mint. Below is a rundown of the available designs from American history on Highland Mint fractional silver rounds:

  • Buffalo Silver Round: Depicting the famous design from James Earle Fraser’s 1913 Buffalo Nickel, this silver round’s obverse features a depiction of Black Diamond. The massive beast is depicted grazing on a small patch of grass. Engravings differ slightly from the Buffalo Nickel, and include only the weight, purity, and metal content of the round. On the reverse face of each silver round is the image of a Native American chieftain. Again, alterations have been made from the original engravings, with only the word “Liberty” appearing on this face and not a year of issue.
  • Walking Liberty Silver Round: Both sides of the original Walking Liberty Half-Dollar were designed by sculptor Adolph A. Weinman. Elsie Stevens was his model for the Walking Liberty image as well as the Mercury dime. Weinman drew inspiration for his design of Lady Liberty from French coins designed by Oscar Roty, who depicted Lady Liberty as the sower of seeds of liberty with the sun rising at her feet. For the reverse side of the piece, Weinman adapted a design that he created for a medal for the American Institute of Architects. A pine sapling replaced a branch of laurel. The majestic eagle depicted in Weinman’s medal is highly praised for its powerful and stately presence and was adopted to be the symbol of the “Coat of Arms” banner that is still used today in political functions.
  • Morgan Silver Dollar Round: Perhaps one of the most historically relevant designs from American history, the silver dollar introduced in 1878 by the United States Mint was created by George T. Morgan. His revived design of Liberty included a left-profile portrait of the Roman goddess on the obverse, with Anna Willess Williams serving as his inspiration for the portrait. Images on the obverse include the word “Liberty” in her crown, the phrase “E Pluribus Unum” above her head, and the 13 stars of the original American colonies surrounding her. The reverse includes an American bald eagle featured with its wings spread wide, and its talons clutching the arrows of war and olive branch of peace.

Highland Mint has made these fractional silver rounds available in a varying collection. There are two designs used in a 1/10 oz weight, that of the Buffalo Silver Round and Walking Liberty Silver Round. Move up to the ¼ oz weight, and you’ll find your choice of the Buffalo Silver Round, Walking Liberty Silver Round, and Morgan Dollar Silver Round. For those interested in ½ oz silver rounds, Highland Mint also offers the Buffalo, Morgan, and Walking Liberty designs in that weight as well.

Highland Mint Lunar Silver Rounds

Lunar-themed designs were once the specific foray of major sovereign mints and the state-owned Perth Mint of Western Australia, which launched this fad in 1996 with its original Lunar Series collection of silver and gold coins. Now, Highland Mint has launched its own collection of lunar-themed silver rounds to compete with those offered by major sovereign mints.

The benefit of the Highland Mint silver round collection is the availability of brilliant, lunar-themed designs without the strictly limited mintage figures and higher premiums over the spot price of silver (more on that later). The Chinese Lunar Calendar, also known as the Zodiac, is a 12-year cycle with a specific animal assigned to each of those years. In each given year, those born under the sign of a particular animal are said to share its characteristics and traits according to Chinese culture.

Highland Mint Monkey Silver Round

2016 is the Year of the Monkey on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, and the Highland Mint is continuing the production of its popular Lunar Series silver rounds with an all-new design to celebrate the changing years. These Monkey Silver Rounds represent the 3rd release in Highland Mint’s collection, contain 1 Troy oz. of fine silver, and are shipped to you in individual plastic flips or mint tubes of 20 rounds.

Lunar Series coins are available from various mints around the globe, and are among the most popular precious metal products available right now. However, those coins often come with higher premiums above the spot price of silver. As such, these 2016 1 oz Highland Mint Silver Monkey Rounds make a great alternative for investors and collectors looking for affordable silver products.

On the obverse face of the silver round you’ll find the image of two monkeys in a peach tree. The duo focus their gaze on a single peach. The imagery is meant to symbolize longevity and immortality. Engravings include “Year of the Monkey” above, and the Chinese symbol for monkey below.

The reverse face of the round has the symbol for silver in the center, as found on the periodic table of elements. The square reads “silver” and “Ag.” Around the outer edges are engravings of “1 Troy Ounce,” “.999,” “Fine Silver,” and “Made in the U.S.A.”

Highland Mint Rooster Silver Round

Highland Mint releases its fourth design in the Lunar Series, honoring the Year of the Rooster on the Zodiac. The Chinese Lunar Calendar is a 12-year cycle with different animal assigned to each of the 12 years on the calendar. Again, each of the 2017 1 oz Highland Mint Silver Rooster Rounds features .999 fine silver and is available either in a plastic flip or mint tube of 20 rounds.

It is said that the Jade Emperor called a meeting of all the animals of the world, but only the 12 represented in the Zodiac showed up. They are represented as such because they were given special status in Chinese culture as the only creatures to heed the emperor’s call. Those born under the sign of the rooster are loyal, hardworking, honest, and sociable.

On the reverse of the 2017 1 oz Highland Mint Rooster Silver Round you’ll find the image of a rooster, complete with an engraving above identifying the specific release and one below that features the year of issue.

The obverse side of each Rooster Silver Round includes the so-called elemental design, which bears the periodic table of elements square for silver. Included are the purity, metal content, and weight of the round.

Why Purchase Highland Mint Silver Rounds?

For starters, market conditions in the precious metals industry can often push many investors and collectors toward silver rounds such as those from Highland Mint. Viewed as a snapshot of the current economic climate, silver rounds are surging in popularity for the exact same reason as bullion coins such as the American Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, and Chinese Silver Panda: silver prices. While gold and platinum have shot to record highs at various points in recent years, silver prices are shrinking.

Lower silver prices push more investors into the marketplace. These individuals look to invest their hard-earned cash in silver now while prices are low, allowing them to purchase greater quantities of silver and hold onto those with the long-term goal of seeing silver prices rise. Additionally, the approach of many sovereign mints can lead to increased popularity in silver rounds.

Many of the sovereign coins released by these mints are restricted in production on one level or another. For example, Perth Mint coins such as the Australian Silver Kookaburra and Australian Silver Koala have limited mintages (usually maxed at 1 million) that restrict the amount available on an annual basis. In the case of the American Silver Eagle, the United States Mint strikes the coins to meet demand. However, the mint has been forced to institute an allocation program restricting the volume at times to meet the immense demand for silver coins.

More importantly, the coins struck by these mints have higher premiums over the spot price of silver. The demand for these coins and the limited mintage of each leads to higher prices, making it difficult for collectors to regularly purchase the designs they covet and tougher for new investors to break into the market.

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