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MK Barz Products

The popularity of silver and gold, as well as platinum and palladium, in recent years has driven demand high and the supply of these precious metals in refined form lower. With more investors looking toward safe-haven metals and collectors striving to expand their personal collection with pure metals, more refineries have opened up to meet this growing need.

While sovereign mints remain the standard-bearers, in many cases, for popular silver and gold programs, private mints are clawing out their own niche in the growing marketplace. The United States is home to the greatest concentration of private mints, and now MK Barz is joining that growing list of institutions. The refinery at MK Barz provides a range of silver products, from bars and wafers to rounds and squares. Explore their options below.

Why Silver Rounds and Bars are Increasingly Popular

Silver bars are the most common form of investment in silver precious metals. You’ll find silver bars in a wide variety of weights, sizes, and designs. In general, silver bars qualify as low premium silver products because most mints produce their silver bars with no specific quota impacting production. Most mints will strike bars to meet demand, making it easier to purchase silver bars at lower premiums.

As you shop around, you’ll find silver bars available in sizes ranging from as small as 1 Gram to as large as 1 Kilogram and 100 oz. The standard sizes you’ll find across most product lines include 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, 1 Kilo, and 100 oz. Keep in mind that the larger the size of the bar is you invest in, the lower the price per ounce you’ll be asked to pay.

For those who prefer the smaller size of a coin, but are interested more in low premium silver, rounds are the perfect fit. Silver rounds are like bars in the fact that they can be produced at very high mintages. Unlike a silver bar though, most mints produce silver rounds in 1 oz varieties only, with a few mints opting to produce silver rounds in fractional weights, as well. Keep in mind though that silver rounds other than 1 oz varieties are few and far between generally speaking.

Silver rounds are struck by numerous private mints across the United States, as well as a handful of refineries around the globe. The greater variety of mints involved in the production of silver rounds provides greater quantity in the marketplace. This means that silver rounds are easier to get ahold of, and the unlimited production of the rounds keeps the spot price of silver rounds lower compared to those of bullion coins.

More importantly to collectors, silver rounds deliver the designs you prefer without the cost of silver coins or the potential to miss out on annual releases. For example, some of the most popular US coin designs from history are available on silver rounds.

MK Barz Pirate-Themed Products

For all of the silver and gold stole and hoarded by pirates throughout the centuries, it is unknown how much was lost forever to Davey Jones’ locker. The murky depths of the seas and oceans of the world sometimes reveal their treasures, and shipwreck gold or silver make for stunning collection pieces. Pirates have raided commercial and naval vessels around the globe for centuries, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Caribbean Sea.

MK Barz Silver Round

The obverse of the 1 oz MK Barz Shipwreck Silver Round features the skull and crossbones image often found on the pirate flag. A symbol of danger known to millions over the years, today it is often associated with poisonous products that should not be consumed.

On the reverse of each Shipwreck Silver Round you’ll find a flat finish and simple engravings that feature the mint name, as well as the weight, purity, and metal content of the 1 oz MK Barz Shipwreck Silver round.

MK Barz Silver Square

Each 1 oz MK Barz Pirate Silver Square is made with hand-poured and hand-stamped techniques, which makes each one of these beautiful silver products intricately unique from the next. The minor differences in the specific finish adds flare and creativity, while ensuring that no two squares are exactly alike.

On the obverse face of the 1 oz MK Barz Pirate Silver Square is the image of a pirate skull and crossbones, the famous symbol used on many pirate flags. The compass image in the background is indicative of the pirate-map theme, and engravings are located on this side as well identifying the mint, as well as the weight, purity, and metal content of the square.

MK Barz Pirate Wafer Bar

On the obverse face of each wafer bar you’ll find the image of a pirate skull with bandana over the top, complete with crossing swords behind the skull. There are engravings on this face that include the bar’s metal content and purity, as well as the mint name.

Pirates first emerged in the form of French corsairs patrolling the waters of the Mediterranean Sea during the Middle Ages. Strapped by tough economic conditions of the era, these men would loot any ship, or opposing ships of the French crown during wartime, for loot and survival. The concept of piracy spread around the world in the following centuries.

Other MK Barz Silver Products

Just as its silver round collection is diverse, so too is the variety of silver bar products from MK Barz. As with all of its other products, the silver bars produced by MK Barz are all hand-poured and hand-stamped to give each one its own unique look and feel, contributing to collectability because no two products are exactly alike.

MK Barz Glock Gun Bar

The 2 oz MK Barz Glock Gun is a silver bar made from .999 pure silver. Each hand-poured bar replicates the appearance of an actual glock in a small, collectible silver bar. Although the term “glock” is used colloquially to refer to a singular gun, it is actually the name of a lineup of polymer-framed, short-recoil, semi-automatic pistols available in a variety of cartridge sizes.

On the obverse of each 2 oz MK Barz Silver Glock Gun you’ll find the image of a glock in silver bar form. It features the main design elements of a real gun, without any of the operating pieces of functions of a real gun.

The reverse of the Silver Glock Gun bar you’ll find a flat surface. Only the outline of the bar gives away the shape of a gun, with a matte finish and engravings that identify the mint, the weight, purity, and metal content of the bar.

MK Barz Antique Pyramid Statue

This 5 oz MK Barz Antique Pyramid Silver Statue is modeled after some of the famous pyramids of the ancient world, notably it bears a resemblance to some of those found in Egypt. It is believed that there are somewhere between 118 and 138 pyramids that have been verified to exist in Egypt, most build as tombs for pharaohs thousands of years ago during the Old and Middle Kingdom periods of Ancient Egypt.

Each of these 5 oz MK Barz Antique Pyramid Silver Statues is a 3D model of a real pyramid. The statues feature ridged stairs going upward to the center point at the top, decreasing in size as it nears the very top. In the middle of each side a smooth strap of silver represents the walkable stairs one might have climbed on a real pyramid to reach the apex.

All 5 oz MK Barz Antique Pyramid Silver Statues feature an antique finish. This is a modern application that uses chemical treatments to give new silver products the appearance of age, handling, and wear without actually exposing it to any of those factors. It increases the collectible value and enhances the visual appeal.

Background on MK Barz

MK Barz was just recently established in Los Angeles, California in 2014. The company works to provide specialized, hand-poured silver bullion and American coinage to customers in the United States and Canada. The company was founded by a primary owner who has been grading and collection, as well as hoarding, American silver coins for more than 35 years. The co-owner of MK Barz grew up in a family that owned and operated a foundry over the course of 32 years, specifically focused on refining bronze statues and awards.

Today, the company provides a wide variety of products. Among its most popular are hand-poured bars and bullion, but it also custom stamps and makes other silver bars, rounds, hearts, hexagons, and just about any other shape collectors might be looking for on that special gift-giving occasion. JM Bullion is happy to carry the range of MK Barz products now in production from the private mint.

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