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May 6th Weekly Silver Market Update

Posted on May 06, 2016 in News

Precious metals ended the week posting impressive gains thanks to yet another weak batch of employment data. All in all, this week was not overly positive for gold and silver but the way things ended will have investors happy. Right now, there is a growing incidence of risk aversion and we are seeing more and […]

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May 4th Mid-Week Market Update

Posted on May 04, 2016 in News

The silver market is slightly lower this morning in quiet trade as stocks decline, crude oil moves higher and the dollar index gains ground. After trading over $18 an ounce to begin the trading week, silver has been seeing some slight selling pressure that may simply be profit taking following the recent gains. Any downside […]

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April 29th Weekly Silver Market Update

Posted on April 29, 2016 in News

Gold and silver faltered towards the beginning of the week, but by week’s end both metals were making impressive gains thanks to a number of outside factors. All in all this was a fairly eventful week even if central bank meetings did not exactly live up to expectations. Unlike what we witnessed towards the end […]

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April 27th Mid-Week Market Update

Posted on April 27, 2016 in News

The silver market is moving higher in early trade today as stocks come under pressure, crude oil climbs and the dollar index declines. In spite of higher oil this morning, stocks are on the weaker side of the ledger. This may likely be due to some profit taking and position squaring ahead of today’s FOMC […]

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April 22nd Weekly Silver Market Update

Posted on April 22, 2016 in News

Precious metals had a decent week as midweek gains are looking like they will be able to take both gold and silver into the weekend reflecting on gains. With that being said, losses incurred towards the end of the day on Friday really minimized weekly gains. This week was eventful for a number of different […]

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April 20th Mid-Week Market Update

Posted on April 20, 2016 in News

The silver market is seeing some strength again today in early trade as the bulls have taken prices above the $17 per ounce level. Stocks, crude oil and gold are all also higher today while the dollar index gains ground as well. While gold is seeing limited upside thus far today after being lower earlier […]

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April 15th Weekly Silver Market Update

Posted on April 15, 2016 in News

Precious metals started the week positively, moved through the middle parts of the week in disappointing fashion, and ended the week on a positive note. For all intents and purposes, this week was a wash as metals did not finish too far from where they began. As we look ahead to the longer-term future, the […]

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April 13th Mid-Week Market Update

Posted on April 13, 2016 in News

Silver is slightly higher in mid-morning trade today while gold sinks and stocks rise. Crude oil is flat while the dollar index moves sharply higher. The stronger dollar index is likely having a significant negative effect on the gold market today, and while silver is not seeing the same selling pressure as gold, any buying […]

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April 8th Weekly Silver Market Update

Posted on April 08, 2016 in News with 2 Comments

Precious metals finished the week moving slightly higher on Friday to put a positive spin on an otherwise negligible 5-day trading session. While Friday itself was a rather lackluster day, the week as a whole brought about some interesting talking points. One that really sticks out is the upbeat weekly jobless claims report that was […]

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April 6th Mid-Week Market Update

Posted on April 06, 2016 in News

The silver market is moving slightly lower this morning in early trade. Stocks are trading a bit higher while crude oil rallies and the dollar index trades higher. The marketplace is seeing some ongoing appetite for risk as oil moves up and some positive data is seen out of China. Crude oil has found itself […]

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April 1st Weekly Silver Market Update

Posted on April 01, 2016 in News

After losses suffered on the final day of the week, it is looking as though precious metals will finish at, or slightly below, where they began the week. On the whole, there wasn’t all that much economic data dealt, but the fact of the matter is that investors have been much less concerned with economic […]

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March 30th Mid-Week Market Update

Posted on March 30, 2016 in News

Silver is trading slightly higher this morning as gold sees some moderate selling pressure. Stocks and crude oil are both moving higher while the dollar index loses ground. Market participants are still digesting comments made yesterday by Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen to the Economic Club of New York. Ms. Yellen’s comments appear to be  considered quite dovish judging by market reaction today. In her commentary, the Chairwoman reiterated the notion that the central bank will take it as it comes regarding  interest rates and that the pace of any further hikes would likely be gradual. She cited slow global economic growth and other factors as risks to the U.S. economy. Clearly,  the Fed does not want to be overly aggressive with further rate hikes at this time as  moving too quickly could stop growth in its tracks while making investors anxious. Following recent labor market data some believed another hike could be seen from the Fed as early as next month. Ms. Yellen’s comments yesterday, however, have likely put  that issue to rest. The idea of lower rates for longer is likely helping to fuel the buying being seen in stocks thus far today. Crude oil may also be getting a lift in part because of the dovish  commentary. In addition, the dollar index is seeing some moderate selling today that may also be driving buying in stocks and some commodities. Investors are now looking forward to Friday’s latest employment report. Earlier this morning, investors got the latest reading on the ADP employment report which showed  an addition of 200,000 private sector jobs. While this number can diverge from Friday’s number, it could potentially indicate a decent amount of jobs added last month. The non­farm payrolls data could be a significant factor in any decisions by the Fed regarding interest rates and will therefore be closely scrutinized by investors. A number  below expectations could give the Fed further reason for pause regarding interest rates, while a stronger than expected number could potentially fuel more hawkish sentiment. After seeing another significant dip from recent highs, silver is trying to gain some footing. It appears thus far that dips are being bought, however, the market’s failure to  advance beyond recent highs could become a source of concern for the bulls. A move beyond recent lows could potentially indicate a change in near-­term trend and could  potentially see increased selling pressure.

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March 23rd Mid-Week Market Update

Posted on March 23, 2016 in News

Both silver and gold are seeing some heavy selling pressure today as stocks slide, crude oil declines and the dollar index rallies. Both silver and gold could potentially be showing some signs of vulnerability as overall risk appetite remains fairly solid. While some risk aversion has been seen in light of the terrorist attacks in […]

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March 18th Weekly Silver Market Update

Posted on March 18, 2016 in News

Precious metals had a fantastic week this 5-day trading session, mostly thanks to a slew of outside factors that helped spur safe-haven demand. All in all this was quite the busy week, but no event was highlighted more than the monthly meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee of the United States. With so many […]

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March 16th Mid-Week Market Update

Posted on March 16, 2016 in News

Silver prices are trading near the unchanged mark in quiet trade today. Stocks are also flat today while crude oil rallies and the dollar index moves higher. Many investors are likely sitting on the sidelines ahead of today’s FOMC meeting announcement, although volatility could potentially pick up as the announcement approaches and in the aftermath […]

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March 11th Weekly Silver Market Update

Posted on March 11, 2016 in News

By week’s end, both gold and silver ended closer to even and might have eked out some small gains. On the whole, this week was exciting for a few different reasons, but it was clear to see that the main focus of investors was the European Central Bank meeting, which took place on Thursday. Apart […]

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March 9th Mid-Week Market Update

Posted on March 09, 2016 in News

Silver is trading around the unchanged mark today as stocks and crude oil rally while the dollar index declines. Stocks are moving higher today as members of OPEC have agreed to meet in Moscow on March 20th to discuss a production freeze agreement. Such a move could potentially cap oil production and in turn help […]

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March 4th Weekly Silver Market Update

Posted on March 04, 2016 in News

Both gold and silver are going to be finishing the week having made nice gains thanks to some downbeat economic news from Europe as well as some mixed US economic data. All in all, this first week of March trading resulted in the deliverance of a multitude of economic reports that had their impact on […]

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March 2nd Mid-Week Market Update

Posted on March 02, 2016 in News

Silver prices are seeing some strength today and are currently flirting with the $15 per ounce level. After seeing a dip down to $14.60 earlier this week, it appears that the bulls  are happy to buy silver on any decent dips and that further upside could possibly be in store. Stocks are moving slightly lower as of this post while crude oil and the dollar index are essentially flat. Appetite for risk has been increasing this week with stocks moving  significantly higher over the last several sessions. Given the current buying being seen in equities, silver and gold have not fallen too far in what could be a sign of underlying  strength. This morning, investors got the latest reading on the ADP employment data. The number came in at 214,000 private sector jobs added, slightly above consensus estimates. While this number has the potential to move markets, investors are likely  awaiting Friday’s non-­farm payrolls data for February for further clues as to the health of  the labor market. Consensus estimates are looking for an increase of 190,000 jobs with  the unemployment rate remaining steady. All of the economic data is being closely scrutinized by the Federal Reserve and  investors as markets await further information about the pace and timing of further rate  hikes. if Friday’s non­farm payrolls data is relatively solid, the central bank could potentially go ahead with another rate increase at this month’s meeting. A large miss, however, could potentially give the Fed reason to pause and hold off on further hikes for now. The recent rebound in equities could also be factored in, with higher stocks and  better risk appetite potentially increasing the chances of further hikes. While stocks are in the midst of a rebound that seems to closely resemble the rebound  seen at the end of last summer, things can and do change quickly. Further weakness  seen in Chinese markets could potentially drive another round of selling and could undo  much of the recent upside seen. Such a scenario could potentially work in silver’s favor,  however, as risk aversion could potentially drive buying in perceived safe haven  instruments such as silver and gold. Even with the recent dip in silver, the path of least resistance could remain higher. A pullback is not uncommon following an upside breakout, and silver may simply be  gearing up for a fresh leg higher in price in the coming weeks and months.

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February 26th Silver Market Update

Posted on February 26, 2016 in News

Precious metals did not perform poorly this week but did not overly impress either as a batch of economic data did well to throw away much of precious metals’ momentum. Housing data was a big talking point this week, but it came back mostly mixed and investors are now more confused about the current state […]

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February 24th Mid-Week Market Update

Posted on February 24, 2016 in News

Silver prices are moving higher this morning as some of the buying in gold likely spills over into the white metal. There is elevated risk aversion in the marketplace this morning as stocks opened sharply lower while crude oil also began the trading day on its heels. The dollar index is slightly lower thus far […]

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February 19th Weekly Silver Market Update

Posted on February 19, 2016 in News

Precious metals had a rought start to this week, but things normalized a bit by the time markets came to a close on Friday. To be completely blunt, this week did not bring about much in the way of fresh economic data and really saw investors focus on many of the same factors that have […]

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February 17th Mid-Week Market Update

Posted on February 17, 2016 in News

Silver prices are slightly higher today as stocks move sharply higher, crude oil rallies and the dollar trades slightly weaker. After trading lower earlier in the session, both silver and gold appear to be seeing some bargain buying. After poking the $16 per ounce level late last week, silver prices backed off and retreated to […]

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February 12th Weekly Silver Market Update

Posted on February 12, 2016 in News

Precious metals made significant strides forward this week thanks to continued investor concerns relating to global market conditions. We have seen over the last few weeks equity markets that seem to be diving at every turn. What’s more, the US Dollar has taken a dive in recent days, and this is something that is causing […]

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February 10th Mid-Week Market Update

Posted on February 10, 2016 in News

Silver prices are slightly lower in early trade today as gold also softens. The selling being seen today in silver and gold is likely largely attributed to profit taking following recent strong gains. Stocks are moving sharply higher this morning while crude oil is flat and the dollar moves higher. Overall, risk appetite appears to […]

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