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1 Gram PAMP Suisse Fortuna Gold Bars (New in Assay)

1 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar (New w/ Assay)

$63.02 As low as $62.02

250 Gram Silver PAMP Suisse Rosa Bars (New w/ Assay)

$222.14 As low as $219.64

5 Gram PAMP Suisse Fortuna Gold Bars (New in Assay)

5 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar (New w/ Assay)

$262.85 As low as $260.85

5 Gram Gold PAMP Suisse Lunar Pig Bars (New w/ Assay)

$270.27 As low as $268.27

5 Gram PAMP Suisse Lunar Goat Gold Bars (New in Assay)

$270.77 As low as $268.77

20 gram PAMP Suisse Fortuna Platinum Bars

$666.37 As low as $661.37

1 oz PAMP Suisse Gold Bars (New in Assay)

$1,550.67 As low as $1,546.67

1 oz PAMP Suisse Fortuna Gold Bars (New in Assay)

1 oz PAMP Suisse Gold Bar (New w/ Assay)

$1,553.67 As low as $1,549.67

1 oz Gold PAMP Suisse Lunar Pig Bars (New w/ Assay)

$1,564.67 As low as $1,560.67

1 oz PAMP Suisse Lunar Dragon Gold Bars (New in Assay)

$1,574.67 As low as $1,570.67

50 Gram PAMP Suisse Cast Gold Bars (New in Assay)

$2,525.26 As low as $2,522.26

250 Gram PAMP Suisse Cast Gold Bars (New in Assay)

$12,538.54 As low as $12,528.54

1 Kilo PAMP Suisse Cast Gold Bars (New in Assay)

$49,857.59 As low as $49,757.59

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PAMP Suisse Products on

PAMP Suisse is one of the world’s most respected refining facilities. In fact, by most measures of success and demand, PAMP Suisse products are the most recognizable and preferred precious metal offerings in the market right now. A private minting operation based out of Switzerland, PAMP Suisse has built a global brand that is unmatched by most other private refineries and all but a few sovereign mint locations.

The refiners at PAMP Suisse produce an impressive array of products on an annual basis that range from mint-branded bars to those with intricate designs. You’ll find PAMP products available on in all four major precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Take a walk through the catalog of PAMP Suisse products below!

Background on PAMP Suisse

The refinery at PAMP Suisse is a private facility that was founded in Ticino, Switzerland in 1977. Today it is considered the world’s leading bullion brand, holding dominant positions in the major precious metal markets of the world and operating state-of-the-art refining and fabrication facilities.

PAMP Suisse refines roughly 450 tonnes of gold on an annual basis, and holds the distinction of being the first in the precious metals industry to place designs on the reverse side of its small bars. Its most popular product lineup, without question, is the Fortuna Bar. Available in gold, silver, and platinum, with sizes ranging from 1 Gram to 100 oz, the Fortuna Bar is one of the most diverse offerings you’ll find on the modern precious metals market.

The company is now part of the MKS Group based out of Geneva, Switzerland. The combined company offers more than a century of experience in precious metals production and trading. MKS Global has offices around the world specializing in precious metals and financial planning.

PAMP Suisse Fortuna Bars

Arguably the most popular precious metal bar design in the world, the Fortuna bars from PAMP Suisse have an obverse design featuring the Roman goddess of luck and fortune, Fortuna. She was perhaps best known as the Roman goddess of fortune, but Fortuna also held numerous other titles and roles in Roman culture. As a goddess she was not just consider influential over fortune, but also over bounty and a protector of grain supplies. In Roman religion, she was considered emblematic of luck.

PAMP Suisse Fortuna bars are so popular that there if there is a size or precious metal type you can dream up, PAMP most likely strikes this stunning product in that metal and weight. Fortuna bars are available in weights ranging from 1 Gram up to 1 Kilogram and 100 Troy oz. Moreover, the bars are available in all four major precious metals with the following purity levels:

  • Gold: .9999 pure
  • Silver: .999 pure
  • Platinum: .9995 pure
  • Palladium: .9995 pure

PAMP Suisse Lunar Bars

Struck over multiple years and featuring different designs, these bars include obverse images representing the 12 animals on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. PAMP Suisse uses a front-and-back design that displays one scene on the front and the backside of that same design on the reverse. There is a new design on each year’s release of the PAMP Suisse Lunar bar. Unlike the Fortuna lineup, the Lunar Bars from PAMP Suisse are only available in gold and silver, but similar to the Fortuna offerings, you’ll find the Lunar Bars available in a variety of affordable weights.

Currently, offers six different PAMP Suisse Lunar bar designs dating back to the 2012 release of the Year of the Dragon Bar. Below you’ll find a brief rundown on each of the offerings:

  • Year of the Dragon Bar: Featured on both sides of the silver bar is 2012’s designated zodiac creature. The front of the bar depicts the fabled dragon, winding itself around a smooth marble pillar. From the texture of its scales to the expressive details of its face, viewers are certain to appreciate the whimsical rendition of this mythical being. Engraved unto the lower portion of the column is the Chinese symbol for dragon, “long.”
  • Year of the Snake Bar: The obverse side of the bar depicts the simple image of a snake winding around three shafts of bamboo rendered in magnificent detail along with the embossed Chinese character for the year of the snake. The back side of the bar is a perfect reverse of the front image along with the embossed information of 1 oz SILVER 999, and PAMP’s certifying trademark insignia.
  • Year of the Horse Bar: The obverse side of the bar is pressed with the defined image of a horse standing majestically before a tree, which is rendered in striking detail. There are also further stamps with the Chinese symbol for the year of the horse. The reverse side of the bar is embossed with the reverse of the scene depicted on the front, with the lavish tail of the horse wrapping around the tree. The bar is embossed with the bar’s unique registration number, 1oz SILVER 999, and the PAMP trademark insignia.
  • Year of the Goat Bar: On the obverse side of each bar is the image of an adult goat facing forward. The details on the goat design include long, twisted horns and long, shaggy wool. In the image, the goat stands in a field of tall grass, with the lone engraving that of the Chinese symbol for goat. The reverse side of the 1 oz PAMP Suisse Silver Goat Bar bears a surprise for the viewer. The back of the adult goat featured on the obverse is visible on this side, as is the image of a kid (young goat) laying in the safety of the deep grass. Engravings on this side include the PAMP Suisse logo, the bar’s weight, metal content, and purity, an individual serial number, and the assayer’s mark.
  • Year of the Monkey Bar: PAMP Suisse employs a unified front-back design to its Lunar Series bars, meaning the image you see on the reverse is an exact back image of that featured on the obverse. The obverse face of these bars depicts a monkey climbing a tree branch, with the customary tree trunk running along the vertical face as found in all Lunar Bars. The reverse image is that of the tree trunk from behind, with the back of the monkey’s head visible on one side, and its tail wrapping around from the other. Engravings on this side include the PAMP Suisse corporate logo, the bar’s weight, metal content, and purity, as well as the serial number and assayer’s mark.
  • Year of the Rooster Bar: The obverse of each Gold Lunar Rooster bar from PAMP Suisse includes the image of the Year of the Rooster design, with a single rooster standing at the edge of a rocky outcrop as it looks back behind it. An engraving of the Chinese symbol for rooster is featured above the design. On the reverse of the 1 oz PAMP Suisse Gold Lunar Rooster Bar you’ll find the opposite image from the obverse side. The same rooster is visible in the same stance with the same design elements, but this time the image is reversed as though you are viewing the Year of the Rooster design from a different angle.

PAMP Suisse Lunar Bars are available in weights ranging from 1 Gram up to 1 Troy oz and 10 Troy oz. These bars from PAMP Suisse ship to you inside of a sealed, plastic assay card to validate your purchase and protect its condition.

Other PAMP Suisse Bars

Among the collection of PAMP Suisse branded silver and gold bars, you’ll find an exciting new platinum divisible bar from the mint. The 25 Gram Platinum Bars from PAMP Suisse feature divisible technology that allows you to purchase a 25 gram bar, but divide it at a later date into as many as 25 individual 1 Gram bars. There is no loss of purity or metal content in the division process either, making these bars an excellent investment.

On the obverse face of the bar you’ll find the PAMP Suisse logo, as well as the individual weight, purity, and metal content of each 1 Gram platinum bar. The reverse of each bar has the PAMP Suisse corporate name engraved. Each individual bar has a serial number that corresponds to the number located on the assay card. All of these bars are new products that ship in sealed plastic.

Additional PAMP Silver Bars are available in minted silver ingots and cast silver bars, ranging in weights from 1 Gram to 1 Kilogram. Some of PAMP’s larger products enjoy status as Good Delivery with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

Why Buy PAMP Suisse Products?

Most investors and collectors look to sovereign government mints for annual release products. However, sovereign government mints around the globe serve a dual role of producing national currency for everyday use, as well as bullion and proof coins designed to attract the attention of investors and collectors who prefer precious metals to the modern stock market. As a result of this, supply and availability of these programs is much lower because the mints are often pursuing two lines of production.

If there’s one thing that sets sovereign and private mints apart, it is the variety and pricing of precious metal products. Private mints often produce precious metals with the greatest level of variety, and lower premiums over the spot price of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. On top of that, the lack of coin production for circulation currency allows private mints to devote all of their silver, gold, platinum, and palladium inventories to bar production and do so without worrying about minimum production levels.

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All products are shipped via the United States Postal Service or UPS with discreet packaging used to protect the identity of your products. offers an affordable, tiered shipping scale to ensure your products ship at a rate you can tolerate. All orders in excess of $3,000 include free standard shipping and insurance. If your orders are lost or stolen during shipping, will work with the carrier to recover your shipment or file an insurance claim on your behalf to recover your funds.

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