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Bitcoin Price & Charts

Our bitcoin price charts page displays current bitcoin prices. In addition, these interactive charts may be used to examine bitcoin prices on different time frames.

What Exactly Is A Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a network of digital money and is the first of its kind. Bitcoin is unique in that has no centralized authority or middlemen. Bitcoin is an electronic currency that is not tied to any government or central bank.

What Can Bitcoins Be Used For?

Bitcoins are becoming accepted by more and more merchants every day. This form of electronic currency can be used to make various types of purchases from pizza to pedicures to internet services to restaurant dining.

In fact, the bitcoin market continues to grow, with millions of dollars worth of bitcoins being transacted every day.

How Does It Work?

The process for transacting with bitcoins is simple. Bitcoin is simply a computer program or mobile application that provides a personal bitcoin “wallet” which allows the owner to send or receive bitcoins.

How Do I Get Started?

To begin making purchases using bitcoins, one simply needs to set up a bitcoin wallet. This can be done through various providers and can be set up in different formats, such as mobile, desktop or web. One can then purchase bitcoins from a bitcoin exchange. One also has the option of accepting bitcoins as payment for goods or services or purchasing bitcoins from another person.

Once one has bitcoins contained in their wallet, they may begin making purchases using bitcoins with merchants that accept it.

Other Bitcoin FAQs

Are there any fees associated with making payments with or receiving bitcoins?

Bitcoin transactions can be processed with no fees or very small fees. A fee may be charged, for example, to receive priority processing. Bitcoin merchant processors may also charge nominal fees for processing bitcoin transactions and converting them to paper currency.

Are there any geographic restrictions?

Bitcoins can be sent to or received by anyone in the world at any time. Any amount of money can be sent instantly anywhere on the globe.

Can I make bitcoin purchases anonymously?

Yes. One can make purchases using bitcoins without any personal information involved in the transaction. Because of this, the use of bitcoins may potentially help prevent identity theft.

Is Bitcoin accepted everywhere?

No. Only certain merchants accept bitcoins as payment at this time. Given growth seen in the bitcoin network, however, we expect the number of merchants accepting bitcoin to increase dramatically in the coming years.

Who started bitcoin?

Bitcoin is based off a concept known as “cryptocurrency.” This concept was first described by Wei Dai in 1998. In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto published the first bitcoin specification and proof of concept. Nakamoto’s anonymity has been a source of both concern and intrigue since that time. After Nakamoto left the bitcoin project, other developers stepped in to continue work on the network.

Is bitcoin owned by a person or company?

No. Bitcoin is not owned by any person, company or central bank. Bitcoin is controlled not by a single person or entity, but by all bitcoin users around the globe.