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100 oz Silver Bars

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100 oz Silver Bullion Bars

Many times, silver is an overlooked investment opportunity. However, an investment in silver can help diversify a portfolio and protect against financial downturns. Even though silver is more common above ground than gold, it’s sometimes considered more valuable because of its industrial uses in electronics, photography, and medicine.

What Are 100 oz Silver Bars

Silver bars are typically sold in troy ounces, and the 100 oz silver bar is one of the most common bar sizes. As a result of their popularity, this size bar is also an incredibly liquid commodity. There’s high demand for buying and selling this size bar, meaning it’s always very easy to move them on the market. They’re often rectangular in shape, and produced by both government mints and private companies. Additionally, they’re usually called investment bars since collectors normally buy them for investing.

Advantages of Owning and Investing in This Bar

Every precious metal dealer charges an extra fee, as well as the regular price of the metal. This fee, known as a premium, can vary from metal to metal and from the form the metal is in. However, one advantage that silver bars have is that they generally have lower premiums than silver coins. Plus, the larger the bar, the lower the premium. Additionally, investors find that having the physical asset on hand, rather than certificates, makes it easier to sell or barter. Finally, because silver bars are in the shape of flat, large rectangles, they’re very easy to stack in a safe deposit box or personal safe for storage and safekeeping.

Who Makes 100 oz Silver Bars

One of the most popular producers of silver bars isĀ Johnson Matthey. This company, which started out in London, is known for their quality silver bars and low premiums. Another popular producer is SilverTowne. They started in Indiana as a coin shop, and are now one of the biggest silver bullion producers in the United States. Some other well-known producers of 100 oz silver bars include the Royal Canadian Mint and Sunshine Minting.


It’s always important for investors to buy silver bars from recognizable brands. When it’s time to sell these bars, other investors will be more comfortable purchasing them because they know they’re buying a high quality bar. The same cannot be said for bars from generic producers. Therefore, every producer will stamp their bars with the company’s design for authenticity. For example, Royal Canadian Mint stamps their bars with the company seal, the year of production, purity, weight, and even a serial number.

Purity and Sizes

Silver bars are sold in many different weights ranging from 1 oz to 1,000 oz bars. The typical 100 oz bar is about 6.5 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, and 1.25 inches deep, and will weigh about seven pounds. For a real world comparison, that means these bars are about the size of two graphing calculators stacked on top of each other. Almost all producers will make their bars with at least 99.9 percent pure silver. Bars are always stamped with their mint of origin, weight, and purity so that buyers know they’re purchasing an authentic silver bar.


As an example, the producer Engelhard stopped making silver bars in the 1980s. Therefore, the only bars that are available are ones investors have decided to sell. This means they are difficult to find, but their high quality makes them excellent for investments. On the other hand, producers like Sunshine Minting are still making bars today. This company is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which has one of the highest productions of silver in the world.

Buying silver bars is a good way to provide financial stability and bars are even used as physical assets in retirement portfolios. While there are several ways that investors can buy silver bars, provides you with only the finest choices at industry leading rates. We even provide free shipping on orders exceeding $3,000 to help maximize your savings.