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5 oz Silver Bars

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5 oz Silver Bullion Bars

Purchasing silver bullion bars is an excellent way to become acquainted with silver assets. If you’ve never purchased physical bullion, the process may seem intimidating. Fortunately, makes it simple to locate and purchase high-quality silver bullion bars.

Bullion is not only an excellent form of physical silver investment, but these assets are ideal to protect against inflation and financial downturns. Investing in these precious metals also is a great way to add some diversity to your portfolio. Although other weights tend to be more popular for serious investors, 5 oz silver bars are a good choice for entry-level buyers and investors who want more liquidity.

What They Are

The name may seem to give it away, but you need to know the details behind 5 oz silver bars. The “5 oz” signifier refers to troy ounces. Avoirdupois ounces are a unit of measurement that is commonly used in the Unites States — it’s the type of ounce you usually see on food labels and other packaging. Troy ounces, however, are used to describe precious metals. There are 14.58 troy ounces in one pound, as opposed to the 16 avoirdupois ounces in a pound.

The metal in silver bullion bars is almost pure; it is 99.9% silver. This is different from the sterling silver commonly used for jewelry, which is only 92.5% silver and has other alloys in it to help it endure daily handling.

Advantages to Owning and Investing in 5 oz Silver Bars

With 5 oz silver bars, you get the same advantages as you would with investing in any precious metal. They serve as a bulwark against economic woes and carry a respectable label. While in recent years, gold has been a popular metal for investors, there are reasons to include silver in that stockpile, as well.

Five ounce silver bars also offer the particular advantage of being compact and easy to store, so your vault will not end up looking like a veritable dragon’s horde — which, while fascinating, does look a little cluttered.

Prices of 5 oz Silver Bars

Large silver bars such as 100 oz and larger, are popular because the price per ounce is lower than with 5 oz bars. However, 5 oz bars have more liquidity and are easier to store. The supplier from which the bar comes and the bar’s condition can also affect buying and selling prices. Therefore, if you buy from well-known brands and take care of your silver, your 5 oz bars are going to benefit your wallet in the long run.

Who Makes Them

Most of the major names in silver make — or used to make — silver bars. Two of the most recognizable (and sought-after) names are Engelhard and Johnson Matthey. Since these brands have not mass-produced silver bars for decades, they are difficult to come by. People trust these names and are likely to pay more for 5 oz silver bars that bear them.

Other recognizable and trusted names in silver bullion include Sunshine Minting, Geiger Edelmetalle, and Highland Mint. Each of these offers visually interesting aesthetics, various packaging and security features, and the highest purities.

If you really want to add something unique to your silver collection, look for traditionally cast silver bars, such as those from SilverTowne. Craftsmen make these bars by pouring silver into molds, and the result is that each piece comes out with its own personality. People who view silver bars as both little pieces of art and a good investment should buy this type of 5 oz bar.


Five ounce silver bars are somewhat harder to come by than their heavier counterparts, but you can still find plenty of them online. You can choose from a variety of designs and refiners to find the silver bars that best fit your tastes and investment preferences.

Many silver lovers choose to invest in silver coins, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, silver coins tend to harbor higher premiums than silver bars and are often less available. This is because governments control the manufacturing of silver coins. Some coins that have not been minted for years demand especially high prices. Thus, if you are looking for a good basic investment, 5 oz silver bullion bars can be a smart choice because of their availability and lower cost.

Silver bullion not only is a solid investment, but these physical assets are highly collectible and they can make your portfolio more robust. Check out’s selection of 5 oz silver bars and start adding to your treasure trove today.