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50 oz Silver Bars

50 oz Silver Bars

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50 oz Silver Bullion Bars

Silver bars come in many different weights, but 50 oz bars are truly unique. Only manufactured by a very few number of mints, these bars offer a distinctive investment option.

Benefits to Investors

Investors love the versatility of silver bars. Silver bullion is available at a lower premium than silver coins. All types of silver sell for more than what that weight of silver is actually worth. The fee that’s added to the top of the silver’s base value is known as the premium. A minted silver coin will have a higher premium because you’re purchasing not just the silver, but also the unique design. If you’re looking to invest purely in silver, silver bullion bars are the best option.

In most cases, the larger a silver bar is, the lower the premium. However, 50 oz silver bars can run counter to this general rule. The 50 oz bar size was common in the 1970’s but is no longer produced. A 50 oz bar also offers an added rarity factor that may appeal to investors with a collector’s spirit. This type of silver bullion allows you to combine the investment benefits of silver bars with the intriguing acquisition of antiques.

Available Designs

Since 50 oz bars are not minted on a large scale today, the designs that are available are limited and some bars are even vintage. Sunshine Minting silver bars are one of the more common designs available on the market. These feature the signature eagle logo with wings outstretched and a brilliant sun behind. Some other examples of this sized bar include the SilverTowne 50 oz bars with the simple “SilverTowne” stamp, as well as poured 50 oz vintage Engelhard silver bars. Silver Bars from Johnson Matthey in Canada are sometimes up for auction.

Other designs may pop up on auction sites or through various dealers. It’s more difficult to verify the authenticity of these bars because they will not feature today’s sophisticated security measures. Antique silver bars are often sold without a certificate of authenticity, so you can’t always be sure what you’re getting. This is why you should only purchase 50 oz silver bars from the most reputable dealers.

As with other silver bullion, 50 oz silver bars boast that they are .999 fine silver. This means that the purity is 999 parts per thousand. As mentioned previously, antique silver bars without a certificate of authenticity are not always as reliable as newly minted purchases, so shop with care.

Who Produces Them

The design on your 50 oz silver bar will let you know where it was produced. Most of these vintage bars are poured, giving them more of an uneven look and feel. As the name suggests, poured bars are created by pouring the liquefied silver into a mold. Hand-poured bars are then stamped individually with the weight and purity. The manufacturer’s name or logo is typically stamped on the bar, as well.

Pouring individual silver bars is a time-consuming process, which is why it’s not used as often today. Modern bars are rarely poured for weights of less than 100 oz. There are also some drawbacks to poured bars. The weight may vary slightly because the process is not precise. The method of hand pouring silver bars has been used since ancient times. Vintage 50 oz bars that have been hand poured provide an interesting piece of history along with their investment value.

If you have more modern pressed silver bars in your collection, you’ll immediately notice the difference between a pressed bar and a poured bar. Pressed silver bars are manufactured in an assembly line. The bars are cut from large strips so each product is identical. The weight and dimensions of pressed silver bars are uniform and precise. The process for making pressed silver bars is similar to that of coins. This manufacturing process allows for more intricate designs and enhanced security features.

General Pricing

Despite the rarity factor of 50 oz silver bars, many are priced competitively with other denominations. The premium is not as low with a vintage 50 oz silver bar as it is with a 100 oz silver bar. A rare poured 50 oz silver bar often costs more than 5 modern pressed 10 oz bars. This is why it’s important to understand the difference between 50 oz bars and other weights. When you’re purchasing an item that is no longer manufactured, you get added value in the form of its history.

If you’re a collector of all things valuable and rare, 50 oz silver bars are an excellent choice. Not only will you diversify your investment portfolio with this precious metal, you will also add something rare and truly unique to your collection.