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Engelhard Silver Bars

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Engelhard Silver Bars

An investment in silver is considered by many to be a safe way of protecting your paper assets, as well as giving your wealth ample room and opportunity to grow. Silver bars have become one avenue by which you can invest in the metal and few brands have become as well known as that of Engelhard. The precious metals industry, like many other industries, has a vast amount of companies who produce silver bars of all weights, sizes and designs.

Some companies produce intricately designed bars with great attention to detail while others maintain a simplistic design on their bars. Engelhard is one of the companies who pays less attention to the design, and places more weight on the quantity and quality of bars they are able to offer.

Engelhard is not in business anymore, though their bars are still being traded today and are among the most sought after brands of silver bars in the industry. In the following few sections you will be briefed on Engelhard’s history, product offering, and any other pertinent information that one might consider to be important to know about their company.


The history of Engelhard and their silver bars began in 1902 when Charles Engelhard purchased the company in Newark, New Jersey. At the time of its purchase, the Engelhard company was known as the Charles F. Croselmire Company. Throughout the early 1900s the Engelhard company was the main fabricator of gold, silver, platinum in North America. Since its inception, Engelhard’s main business practices focused on precious metals, especially silver.

As the 20th century continued, Engelhard’s successes mounted and the company was able to acquire other organizations in an effort to expand their impact on the precious metals industry. In 2006, however, Engelhard was purchased by a German chemicals company known as BASF. BASF has since dissolved the Engelhard name which is why brand new Engelhard silver bars are almost impossible to find. Due to their storied history and large product offering throughout the 20th century, Engelhard remains one of the most trusted names in the production of silver bars.

Sizes of Silver Bars

Though it has been said earlier, Engelhard, as a company, is so popular amongst investors because it produced many different sizes and variations of silver bars. From very small to incredibly large, Engelhard silver bars are able to accommodate any type of investor or investment. Though today some of their bars are rare and harder to get a hold of, you will often find find them in the following sizes:

  • 1 oz
  • 5 oz
  • 10 oz
  • 20 oz
  • 50 oz
  • 100 oz

Design and Features

Engelhard was never concerned with the aesthetic qualities of their bars due to the fact that the real value of most bullion bars are derived from their silver weight and purity. For this reason you will come to find that Engelhard silver bars are about as simple in their design as possible. Though there designs are very straightforward, their simplicity has become greatly appreciated by investors today. Every Engelhard bar boasts the same basic features; the Engelhard logo, weight, purity, and a serial number.

As is the case with most silver bars, Engelhard produced their bars with a purity of .999 in most cases. This means that their silver bars are comprised of 99.9% pure silver.

The purpose of the serial number on each Engelhard silver bar is to authenticate the bullion. Counterfeits are an unfortunate reality in the precious metals industry, and providing each silver bar with a unique serial number is Engelhard’s way of fighting back against counterfeits. Each serial number can be verified as to assure you that the bar your purchased is, in fact, authentic.