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Geiger Edelmetalle Silver Bars

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Geiger Edelmetalle Silver Bars

With precious metal roots dating back to the early 1700s, Geiger Edelmetalle continues its legacy as one of the most respected mints in all of Germany. And, with a new mint located in New York City, the Geiger Edelmetalle name is quickly becoming a renowned precious metal provider in the United States, too.

Since the beginning, the Geiger Edelmetalle mint has called the city of Leipzig, Germany home. Edelmetalle translates to “precious metal,” and Geiger Edelmetalle, also known as The House of Geiger, has been minting precious metal coins and bars for the better part of two and a half centuries.

Geiger Edelmetalle refines and mints gold and silver bullion products, as well as a limited amount of platinum, palladium, and copper. The company mines most of its precious metal from its raw materials mine near the small town of Zschorlau, Germany.

Types of Bars Available

Although the Geiger Edelmetalle mint does produce a limited number of gold and silver coins, the company is best known for its silver bars. The company has a rotating silver bar collection, but by far its most popular bar is the Security Line silver bar with the Schloss Guldengossa Edition stamp.

Named after the famed baroque Castle Guldengossa in Germany, the Security Line comes in a number of sizes ranging from 1 gram and going up to 5,000 grams. In addition, because they are included in the Security Line, all Schloss Guldengossa silver bars come with unique identification and security features to prevent counterfeits.

Security Line Silver Bar Weights and Purities

The Schloss Guldengossa Edition Security Line silver bars come in 1 oz, 10 oz, and 100 oz increments, which is helpful when it comes to trading and bartering. In addition, the bars also come in gram increments from 1 gram all the way to 500, 1,000, and 5,000 grams.

Purity is of the utmost importance with the Geiger name and all the precious metals that pass through the mint are held to rigorous assaying and purity standards. Because of this attention to detail, all bars in the Security Line are .999 pure silver.

Unique Security Features

As the name suggests, the Security Line silver bars come with some amazing security features that make them unlike any other bar on the market. All of the Schloss Guldengossa Edition silver bars come with five distinct security features meant to protect the bar and trace it back to its original owner if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Depending on the weight, each Security Line bar comes with a ribbed edge much like a coin, a textured reverse side embossed with the letters LEV, a pearl surface, a security label, and, most impressive of all, a UV reflecting varnish. The reflecting varnish is only visible under UV light and reflects the year the bar was minted on the embossed side.

Design and Packaging

Because Geiger Edelmetalle has been in the minting business for two centuries, the company is an expert when it comes to coin and bar designs. Their flagship design is Castle Guldengossa, which is stamped on all the Schloss Guldengossa Edition Security Line silver bars. From the columns and front entrance to each windowpane, almost every detail of the castle is represented in the minted stamp.

The arrangement changes from one bar to the next, but all Schloss Guldengossa Edition Security Line silver bars also come stamped with the Geiger Edelmetalle name, as well as the weight of the bar and .999 purity mark.

Each Security Line silver bar is individually vacuum-sealed to protect it from impurities, oils, and scuff marks. In addition, the silver bars are packaged in a beautiful mahogany box depending on the number of silver bars purchased. The boxes have the Castle Guldengossa carved on top and can hold a number of different size combinations with up to 200 1-ounce bars and 600 1-gram bars.

Why Investors Like the Security Line

In terms of investment potential, precious metals add diversity to any buyer’s investment portfolio. Because precious metals, like Geiger Edelmetalle’s Security Line silver bars, are considered liquid assets, they tend to hold their value. In addition to the investment benefits above, the Geiger Edelmetalle Security Line silver bars also come with lasting security and identification features. This is helpful for trading purposes, as well as personal investment protection.

For investors looking to add the Geiger name and Schloss Guldengossa Edition Security Line silver bars to their collection, has a number of Geiger Edelmetalle silver bar sizes and styles to choose from. You can conveniently order these bars online through our 100% secure checkout process or place your order over the phone by giving us a call.