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Morgan Design Silver Bars

Morgan Design Silver Bars

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Morgan Design Silver Bullion Bars

Silver bullion bars containing the Morgan Dollar design have become almost as popular as the original coins themselves. These bars are produced in the USA by the Highland Mint and each features a rendition of the Morgan Silver Dollar which was minted from 1878-1904 and then once more in 1921. The US Morgan Silver Dollar has been revered for its distinctive design since it was introduced and even remains popular today, over 80 years after its discontinuation.

A major aspect which differentiates these bars from the Morgan Dollar, aside from their shape, is their purity and size. Unlike the original coin which was struck in 90% silver, the Morgan Silver Bar is produced with 99.9% pure silver. These bars are also available in a variety of sizes which includes 1 oz, 5 oz and 10 oz variety.

Morgan silver bars are also an excellent choice for those looking to add to their stacks at reasonable premiums over spot. Privately minted, these silver bars are a great bullion choice not only because of their silver content but also because these bars represent a piece of American history.

Morgan Silver Bar Design

The Morgan silver bar has been designed with the Morgan silver dollar right on the bar! As many collectors will recall, the Morgan silver dollar was designed bearing the profile of Lady Liberty. The Morgan silver bar also has the inscription “Made in USA” right on the front of the bar, as well as “One Troy Ounce FINE SILVER 999+.” The inscription of the bar’s size and purity also has a large numeral 1 in the background. This patriotic silver bar also features raised engraving. The back of the bar features a waffle-like pattern that is simple yet gives the bar some added detail. Overall, the Morgan silver bar may not be the most glamorous bar in the vault, but it has exceptional detail and historical value and gives investors a relatively inexpensive way to add to their silver holdings.

Available Sizes and Purity

The Morgan silver bar is offered in a wide selection of sizes which includes the 1 oz, 5 oz and 10 oz sizes. Like all precious metal products, these bars are also measured with troy ounces and have been produced right here in the USA. No matter the size, each Morgan bar is struck with .999 or 99.9% pure silver.

Generalized Pricing

The Morgan silver bar carries a very reasonable premium over the spot silver price. These silver bars may carry a premium as low as around $2.25 over spot per ounce. The 10 oz bar may carry an even lower premium and sell for under $2.00 per ounce. In addition, higher quantity purchases may see even more drastic premium reductions until the bars are selling for less than $1.00 over spot! Of course, premiums can and do change, but overall this is a silver bar that provides good value for those looking to add to their stack and acquire more ounces of silver at the lowest premiums possible.

We ship all of our Morgan Silver Bars in their original mint packaging and in brand new condition unless otherwise stated. Be sure to browse our selection through the online catalog. If you have any questions about our Highland Mint Morgan Silver Bars, you can reach one of our representatives by calling 1-888-989-7223. Our staff is also available online through live chat or our contact us page.