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NTR Metals Silver Bars

NTR Metals Silver Bars

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NTR Metals Silver Bullion Bars

One of the most common pieces of advice people give about investing is to diversify your portfolio. That means including precious metals and other physical commodities instead of just stocks and bonds. One of the most popular precious metals is silver bars, because historically they maintains their value, even when the economy is doing poorly. Plus, their value is expected to skyrocket as silver becomes a limited resource in the world. If you’re interested in buying silver bars to boost your portfolio, consider the options available from NTR Metals. can help you get trusted silver bars from this refiner.

The Northern Texas Refinery

NTR Metals, also known as the Northern Texas Refinery, is one of the largest metal refineries in the world. They are based in Dallas, Texas, but they ship silver bars almost anywhere. They offer a full range of services including industrial recycling, bullion minting, and commercial refining. NTR Metals has 75 locations around the world with a recurring client base of 30,000 companies — everything from large corporations to small businesses. However, NTR Metals is not open to the public. But not to worry, can help you purchase silver bars produced by the famed refinery.

Silver Bar Designs

The NTR Metals logo is on the front of all standard silver bars, regardless of their weight. The weight and purity are also listed on each bar. On the back, there is a stamp featuring a design of the company’s logo. It is the same for all sizes of silver bars. However, 10 ounce NTR Metals silver bars come in several different designs, depending on what year you buy them. For instance, in 2014 you can buy the Lunar Year of the Horse Silver Bar. It has a horse on the front and a tiled pattern on the back. All NTR Metals silver bars are made with refined silver and have a glossy finish, regardless of the design.

10 oz NTR Horse Silver Bar (New)

NTR Metals Bullion Minting

NTR Metals offers 1 ounce, 10 ounce, and 100 ounce silver bars. Each bullion bar is hand inspected for consistency, quality, weight, and purity before it’s packaged. Silver bars from NTR Metals are guaranteed to be 99.9 percent pure silver and free from defects. The 100 ounce bars are the easiest to stack. NTR Metals is recognized around the world as one of the best metal refineries, which means they’re a name you can trust.

NTR10 Domino Low Res

NTR Metals prides itself on fine workmanship and efficient processes. The company guarantees that all silver bars are in new condition and authentic. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the quality or condition of your silver bars, you can return them and be completely compensated.

Packaging and Shipping

Before shipping, NTR Metals applies a vinyl casing around its silver bars to protect the finish from physical damage. Their 10 oz silver bar variety comes sealed in sheets of 10 bars per while their 100 oz bars are sold separately in individual bags. It’s easy to stack them in a vault when they arrive. Ten ounce silver bars come individually wrapped in a vinyl casing to protect against scratches, water damage, and any other damaging forces. As a matter of fact, NTR Metals takes extra care to package your silver bars with extra padding to protect your investment.

You’re also protected if your package gets lost or damaged because NTR Metals knows they have done their best to protect the silver bullion bars. Additionally, because NTR Metals is a world-wide brand, shipping is fast and efficient, no matter where you live. Typically it takes less than one month for your order to arrive.

NTR Bars As An Investment

People are satisfied with buying silver bars from NTR Metals because of the simplistic design of the bars, the trusted name, and the competitive pricing. Silver has long been a viable and strong investment option. Plus, NTR Metals is one of the best mints. They mint 30 million pounds of metal every year. Their offerings range from silver and gold to platinum, palladium, and several other precious metals. Their expertise in all precious metals means you know you’re making a strong investment.

Don’t waste any more time thinking about buying silver bars. If you’re ready to look at your silver bar options, turn to for help. They can connect you to NTR Metals silver bars and hundreds of other precious metal items, as well as help you choose the best silver bars.