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Poured Silver Bars

1 oz Monarch Poured Silver Bars (New)

$18.70 As low as $18.40

1 oz Atlantis Mint Dragon Poured Silver Bars (New)

$20.60 As low as $20.40

2 oz Monarch Poured Silver Bars (New)

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3 oz Monarch Poured Silver Bars (New)

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5 oz Monarch Poured Silver Bars (New)

$92.55 As low as $91.55

5 oz SilverTowne Poured Silver Bars (New)

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10 oz SilverTowne Poured Silver Bars (New)

$188.00 As low as $186.00

10 oz Silver Atlantis Hand Poured Logo Bar (New)

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50 oz SilverTowne Poured Silver Bars (New)

50 oz SilverTowne Poured Silver Bar (New)

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Poured & Cast Silver Bars

Poured silver bars take investors back to a bygone era of silversmithing, an expertise that celebrates quality craftsmanship rather than contemporary precision. Take a closer look at these silver investments and why they’re so unique.

What Are Poured Silver Bars?

Poured silver bars are a traditional alternative to pressed or struck silver bars. They can easily be distinguished from their pressed counterparts as their finish is rustic and less precise. It’s not uncommon to spot soft-edged pits or dimples at the pour site. Poured silver bars are made with very pure .999 fine silver. This high-quality silver differs from the sterling silver used to make jewelry, which contains other alloys to help it withstand daily handling.

The Pouring Process

The creators of poured silver bars heat the silver to the point of melting. The molten metal is then poured into a specially prepared mold. Each poured silver bar is individually poured into its mold, unlike pressed silver bars which are cut from large strips. The bar-shaped molds used to create these silver bars typically feature lettering and often graphic elements. These elements are cut in the reverse of the way they appear on the finished bar. For example, the recessed letters on the 10 ounce SilverTowne Hand Poured Silver Bar would come from a mold with raised lettering and graphics.

The Appeal of Poured Silver Bars

Poured silver bars are made using traditional production methods which have almost been superseded by modern technology. These bars are becoming less common as investors embrace the more precise, glossy finish of pressed silver bars.

As with any goods made using old technology, poured silver bars are popular amongst investors who appreciate their place in history. They have a retro appeal among collectors, much like vinyl records do to music enthusiasts. Where someone else might see imperfections, fans of poured silver bars see a more natural and an endearing finish. Investors love the way poured silver bars don’t simply fall off the assembly line, but are instead handcrafted with care.

Poured silver bars are also easy to handle, stack, and store. They’re not prone to superficial damage either, so investors can purchase them with confidence.


Poured silver bars have a natural look, with rough, imprecise lines and irregularities. Depending on the way the mold was assembled, a poured silver bar may also be lopsided. The distinctive rough-hewn finish of poured silver bars is dressed up with a range of designs.

The designs of poured silver bars are often inspired by bygone eras. The 1 oz Atlantis Dragon Hand Poured Silver Bar from Atlantis Mint, for example, has a distinctively medieval appearance which calls to mind the early traditions of silversmithing. Other pieces like the poured silver bars created by SilverTowne also trade on nostalgia, with its elegant script typeface and mining pick-axe graphic.

However, some poured silver bars feature designs that are much more modern. For example, there’s a punk rock edge to the 2 oz and 5 oz Skull and Crossbones Hand Poured Silver Bars created by Atlantis Mint.

Mints That Make Poured Bars

While many mints prefer to deal with pressed silver bars, some of the most esteemed mints also created poured silver bars to complement the more contemporary options. Atlantis Mint produces 1 oz, 2 oz, 5 oz, and 10 oz poured silver bars with a range of designs.

SilverTowne also creates a range of poured silver bars designed to appeal to serious collectors. While these do not have the distinctive graphics of the Atlantis Mint bars, they are also available in 5 oz and 10 oz varieties.

General Pricing

Despite poured silver bars being more slowly made than their modern counterparts, the price of poured silver bars is comparable to the price of pressed silver bars of the same weight. As price cannot be a deciding factor, it’s simply a matter of personal taste whether you are attracted to the naturalistic quality of poured silver bars or prefer bars with a more polished modern look.

It’s worth noting though that your money is paying almost entirely for the cost of the metal, rather than any collectible properties in the bars. This sets poured silver bars apart from other silver investments, such as coins.

For your peace of mind, buy your poured silver bars from a reliable provider such as to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for. We offer some of the industry’s lowest premiums on silver and gold bullion, as well as very inexpensive shipping which is even free for orders exceeding $3,000.