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Scottsdale Silver Bars

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Scottsdale Silver Bars

There are few things more popular with precious metal investors than silver bars. A time-tested means of investing wealth and protecting against the volatility of markets, investors crave silver bars because they are easy to store, boast minimum purities of .999 fine silver, and are available from a variety of private mints at low premiums over the spot price of silver.

Arizona’s Scottsdale Mint is one of the nation’s larger private minting facilities, and it boasts an expanding portfolio of gold and silver products. Among its most popular at the moment with investors are its silver bars. In some cases, there are Silver Scottsdale Mint bars that not only offering impressive purity and easy storage, but also feature brilliant designs that attract collectors as well as investors. is proud to carry a vast array of silver bars for purchase. Some appeal to investors, and others to collectors, but all of them have two things in common: minimum .999 purity and affordable pricing. The following silver bars are available in the catalog from the Scottsdale Mint.

Silver Scottsdale Tombstone Nugget Bar

One of the newest products from the Scottsdale Mint, the Tombstone Nugget Bar is available to investors and collectors in 1 Kilogram (32.15 Troy ounces), 10 Troy ounce, and 5 Troy ounce weights. Each bar shares a number of common features, which include:

  • Minimum silver purity of .999 fine silver.
  • Dimpled finish and nugget shape for an authentic look and feel.
  • Similar packaging styles.
  • Obverse design featuring the Tombstone name and location.
  • Reverse design set that depicts the official seal of the Scottsdale Mint.

On the obverse face of each of the Silver Scottsdale Tombstone Nugget bars you’ll find vertically arranged engravings running from the top to the bottom of the bar. At the top is the engraving of “Tombstone, Arizona Territory.” It is marked as such because Arizona did not become a state until 1912. Another engraving reads “Silver Nugget.”

The reverse face of all the Silver Nugget bars features the seal of the Scottsdale Mint. Pressed into the surface of the bar, the seal features the lion’s head logo of the mint with the words “Made By Scottsdale Mint” surrounding the image. Additional engravings include the individual bar’s weight, as well as the purity and metal content. The Silver Scottsdale Tombstone Nugget Bars shipped in one-of-a-kind packaging, but amounts varied based upon the weight of the bar.

Packaging of Silver Scottsdale Tombstone Nugget Bars

All Tombstone Silver Nugget bars from the Scottsdale Mint ship in truly unique packaging. With the purchase of an individual bar, regardless of weight, you’ll receive your Tombstone Silver Nugget bar in a canvas pouch reminiscent of those that would be used by banks and individuals to transport silver and gold nuggets in the 19th century.

For bulk purchases of these beautiful silver bars, the Scottsdale Mint uses traditional wooden crates to ship the bars. The 1 Kilo Tombstone Silver Nugget Bar ships in crates containing 15 bars, while the 10 oz Tombstone Silver Nugget Bar arrives in a crate in multiples of 50 and the 5 oz. Tombstone Silver Nugget is available in crates 100 bars.

Background on the Tombstone Nugget Design

The Silver Tombstone Nugget Bar captures the brilliance of the boomtown era in America’s last western mining town. Located in the southeastern corner of what was then Pima County, Arizona Territory, Tombstone was founded by a man named Ed Schieffelin. He came to the region in the 1870s with an Army scouting group tracking the movements of the Apache Indians in the region.

Schieffelin was among the first to make a major discovery in the region: silver. While walking through the foothills in the area in search of “special rocks,” Schieffelin found a silver nugget that eventually led to the formal founding of Tombstone. The city would experience a boom in silver mining between 1877 and 1890, with mines such as the Tough Nut Mine collectively extracting more than $2 billion in current value from the region. Today, there are rumors that silver mining may resume in the area.

As for Schieffelin, Tombstone was never a place he envisioned getting insanely rich from. He had no interest in forming his own mining company, as he was content to pan for silver and other precious metals in the area. As a fun factoid, the city got its name as the result of a remark made by members of the scouting party to Schieffelin. They are said to have told him that the only rocks he’d find in the foothills would be his tombstone.

Information on the Scottsdale Mint

The Scottsdale Mint is a private minting facility located in the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale, Arizona. The minting operation is proud to offer its range of silver and gold products using sustainable, environmentally friendly production processes. A significant portion of the mint’s silver products come from recycled silver the mint acquires from the photography and manufacturing industries.

Due to its location, the creative Silver Scottsdale Tombstone Nugget Bar was a natural choice for the mint to produce. In addition to these intriguing silver nuggets, Scottsdale Mint also produces a variety of popular silver bars. The vast majority of its catalog consists of bullion bars with the Scottsdale Mint logo as the primary design feature of the product. Currently, the mint offers silver bars that include a minted ingot in a 1 oz weight, a 100 Gram Cast Silver Bar, and a series of hand-poured silver bars also bearing the Scottsdale Mint logo. One of its largest series is the stacker silver bar, which is an increasingly popular design concept because it offers investors brilliant design features with stackable forms for easy storage.

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