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SilverTowne Silver Bars

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SilverTowne Silver Bullion Bars

As with many great American stories, SilverTowne came from humble beginnings with the 1949 opening of its first store in Winchester, Indiana. What began as a single couple-owned coin store is now an established mint with a national reputation. SilverTowne is a trusted name in precious metals that provides not only quality, but also personal character with its iconic branded metal. Today, it is a national mint and trader of silver and gold.

A Mark of its Own

SilverTowne is predominantly known for its gold and silver bullion. Although they produce some of the finest and purest precious metals, it’s the beauty and character that set their products apart. All SilverTowne metal is immediately recognizable by the distinctive trademark of a hammer-shaped letter T. Collectors who add SilverTowne to their assortment of precious metals are bringing an artistic flair to their portfolio. SilverTowne items are a conversation starter that attract the attention of experts and non-collectors alike.

Types of Bars Offered

SilverTowne offers silver bars in 1, 5, and 10 troy ounces, so there is an option for collectors at every level. Poured silver bars are one of the oldest types of precious metal. Although casting liquid silver is a highly skilled and centuries old tradition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find with the advent of mass production. SilverTowne keeps the tradition alive with beautiful, unique poured silver bars.

SilverTowne’s new bars are packaged immediately after minting, and shipped shortly after. The mint ships silver bars all across the country. No matter where a SilverTowne silver bullion piece ends up, customers know that it will always arrive in the perfect brand new condition from which it left the mint.

It is important to note that all SilverTowne products, like most other precious metals, are measured in troy ounces. The standard unit of measurement for food products is known as “avoirdupois ounces,” which typically measures 16 ounces to 1 pound. Precious metals, however, use the troy ounce as the standard unit of measurement. Under this system, 1 pound is 14.58 troy ounces. Beginning collectors should keep this in mind when considering the value of their investments.

Distinctive Designs

Those who prefer items with a historic value love SilverTowne products with old coin designs. These silver bars include replica depictions of classic coins that commemorate remarkable people and events in American history. Another classic is the prospector and mule design. This iconic design hearkens back to the nation’s mining roots. Collectors who are passionate about precious metals appreciate the tasteful commemorative logo, now a SilverTowne trademark.

Frequent visitors to the SilverTowne website and gift shop are occasionally surprised with a limited commemorative design. Past limited edition items have included a 9/11 America’s Heroes book with an elegantly designed memorial coin. From eagles and old coins to the prospector trademark, SilverTowne designs are distinctive. Seasoned collectors will immediately recognize one of these classic images on any silver bar.

The SilverTowne Name

Collectors seek out SilverTowne products for a variety of reasons. For those who like to have a story behind every item in their collection, SilverTowne silver bars come with a rich history. All silver bullion is 99.9% pure silver, ensuring the finest quality available on the market. SilverTowne is a recognizable industry name because of its commitment to quality, character, and beauty in every item it produces.

These silver bars will enhance any portfolio, and experienced collectors trust SilverTowne to deliver precious metals in mint condition every time. Their variety of products make them accessible to all manner of customers. Entry-level collectors love the compact practical size of SilverTowne’s 5 ounce silver bars.

When Leon and Ruhama Hendrickson opened the doors of their small coin store over sixty years ago, it was the start of a national tradition. Although they may not have predicted the large mint and trader SilverTowne would become, they committed themselves from the beginning to integrity and high-quality products. This spirit and determination has become known as SilverTowne’s defining quality. Customers return again and again to discover new silver bars and coins from a mint they know and trust.