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Sunshine Mint Silver Bars

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Sunshine Minting Silver Bullion Bars

Sunshine Minting, Inc. was founded in 1979. This full-service minting facility provides bullion to the U.S. Mint, major financial institutions, international mints, and various corporations around the world. Located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, this mint features extensive in-house capabilities including melting, continuous casting, extruding, blanking, coining, and much more.

Silver Bar Types

The Sunshine Mint produces high quality silver bullion bars in ½-ounce, 1-ounce, 5-ounce, 10-ounce, 1-kilogram, 50-ounce, and 100-ounce weights. The extensive range of sizes makes this a versatile choice for all types of investors. Whether you are looking to make a major purchase, or you simply want to dip your toes into the world of silver bullion, you can find a reliable product to meet your needs from the Sunshine Mint.

These silver bars are from one of the most trusted mints in the country, so you can rest assured that your purchase has exactly the quality and value that you expect. The products provided by the Sunshine Mint are guaranteed for weight and fineness. All SMI silver bullion is .999 fine.

Quality Assurance

Sunshine Minting, Inc. goes to great lengths to make sure their products are of the highest quality. Optical emission spectrometry and atomic absorption spectrometry are both used to assay silver alloys. Additional physical testing performed by the QA lab ensures the quality of the alloy.

The final product is examined with a surface analyzer. The dimensions and weight of the finished silver bar are carefully verified. Purchasers may request a Certificate of Conformance attesting to this evaluation. Technology and attention to detail come together to ensure that every silver bar meets the highest standards.

Silver Bar Designs

The design on Sunshine Mint, Inc. bullion bars was upgraded in 2013 to make these reliable bars even more resistant to fraud. Sunshine Mint silver bars are instantly recognizable by the signature silver eagle logo. The detailed eagle is featured in full flight with wings outspread above, and claws extended below. The circular shape of the sun is seen peeking out from directly behind the eagle, and a starburst of the sun’s rays extends on all sides of the majestic bird.

The words “SUNSHINE MINTING” appear around this logo, which is on the obverse side of the silver bars. Though the logo appears timeless, enhanced security features are included beneath this signature design.

Security Features

In January 2013, a counterfeit 2011 American Eagle silver bullion coin managed to pass as genuine when examined by a Toronto coin dealer. This incident prompted Sunshine Minting, Inc. to increase the security measures used on their products. Sunshine Mint silver bars feature a SMI MintMark Scrambled Indicia on the reverse side. This authenticity indicator is not visible to the naked eye. Rather, the viewer must use a special lens or iPhone adaptor to see the valid marking.

To the uninformed observer, the reverse of a Sunshine Mint silver bar is still stunning. The surface is covered with sun logos, oriented diagonally. The central circle appears to read “MintMark SI.” With the proper decoder, the micro-engraving will reveal itself. Authentic bars include the actual word, “valid.” Tilt the decoder lens 90 degrees and yet another security feature will show up. This one reveals a sunburst identical to the others that cover the reverse side of the product.

Unlike some other silver bars, the 1-ounce Sunshine Mint silver bar does not come with an assay card. Before worrying about the authenticity of the product for this reason, consider the extensive security measures listed above. The lack of an assay card with this product takes nothing away from the value of this silver bar.

Mint Packaging

Sunshine Mint silver bars are available in several different package options. Buyers can choose from individual mint vinyl, a sheet of 20, or box of 500. The most popular weights aside from the 1-ounce bar are the 5 ounce, 10 ounce, and 100 ounce options. All are stamped with “.999 Fine Silver” and the weight on the obverse side. These quality silver bars are readily available so you can invest confidently at any time.

Silver is a wise purchase that is favored by both collectors and investors. If you are looking for a brilliant way to enhance your portfolio, reliable Sunshine Mint silver bars will help you do so easily and efficiently. Build your precious metals portfolio and maintain a healthy level of diversity with this option. Whether purchased in single bars or full sheets, each Sunshine Mint product comes with the same innovative security enhancement that makes it easy for buyers to authenticate their purchases.