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Valcambi Combi Silver Bars

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Valcambi Combi Silver Bars

The refining operations and headquarters of Valcambi are located in the southeastern region of Switzerland in the town of Balerna. Valcambi is an independent company and has been in the precious metals business for over 50 years. Valcambi’s rigorous production standards and strong infrastructure make it one of the most dedicated and renowned precious metal refineries in the world.

Unparalleled quality control in combination with the latest technology and strict security monitoring is why Valcambi’s 8-acre site is able to refine nearly 6 tons of precious metal per day. From bars to coins to semi-finished products and precious metal grain, Valcambi’s refining operations does it all.

Types of Valcambi Bars

Although Valcambi produces fine gold, platinum, and palladium bars in 1-gram all the way up to 1000-gram weight increments, the company is best known for its silver bars.

Valcambi produces only two types of silver bars: its standard minted silver bar and the highly versatile CombiBar. The more conventional of the two silver bars is the minted bar, which comes in 1-ounce, 50-gram, 100-gram, 500-gram, and 1000-gram weight increments.

All of Valcambi’s minted silver bars go through the assaying process and display the .999 purity mark, as well as the company’s mintmark and the weight of the bar itself. Minted bars are the standard choice when it comes to Valcambi silver, but for a more versatile bar, the company’s patented CombiBar is the best choice for collectors and precious metal traders.

What Makes the CombiBar Unique?

Whether for the purposes of trading, bartering, or collecting, weight versatility in precious metals is important. Valcambi’s silver CombiBars are designed like a chocolate bar in that they can easily break down into smaller individual sizes.

The silver CombiBar comes in either a 100-gram rectangle bar comprised of 10 individual 10-gram bars, or a 100-gram rectangle bar comprised of 100 individual 1-gram bars. The weight and size versatility of the CombiBar make it the only silver bar of its kind on the market.

All of the 10-gram and 1-gram individual bars that make up the larger silver CombiBar go through Valcambi’s detailed assaying process and are individually stamped with the company’s mintmark, as well as the bar’s weight and the .999 purity mark.

The silver CombiBar is arguably the most popular precious metal bar Valcambi sells because it’s so versatile and unique. Traders and collectors alike love the freedom of either keeping their CombiBar as a whole or trading it in increments depending on the price of silver bullion at the time.

Valcambi’s Assaying Process

Assaying, or testing the purity of precious metals, is an important factor in the purchasing process which is why the Valcambi refinery has the most stringent assay process. Whether it’s silver, gold, platinum, or even palladium, Valcambi holds all of its precious metals up to the same ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

Valcambi uses an array of precious metal testing techniques including traditional fire assay testing to XRF (x-ray fluorescence) testing, as well as ICP (inductively coupled plasma) and other forms of spectrometry. In addition, each finished metal product goes through potentiometric and gravimetric chemical analysis to ensure the utmost purity.

Within Valcambi’s metal assaying is the sampling process which includes homogenization, or the removing of contaminants to achieve the most accurate weight. Then, each silver CombiBar goes through an assaying analysis process, which involves laboratory sampling, metal preparation, sealing the final samples, and setting the splitting limits.

The Diversity of the CombiBar

As mentioned above, CombiBars are diverse in that they break down into different weight classifications, but they are also a diverse financial investment. Silver, gold, platinum, and palladium CombiBars and the rest of the precious metal products that come from the Valcambi refinery are all considered liquid assets.

Depending on demand and the price of the precious metal at the time, silver CombiBars are easy to trade on the market. In addition, because all Valcambi CombiBars come in 1-gram and 10-gram sizes, their market diversity gives traders and collectors the opportunity to liquidate as little or as much of the precious metal as they see fit.

This is an added benefit considering the precious metal market fluctuates and trading less sometimes results in more depending on the current market. Precious metals like Valcambi’s silver CombiBars are also considered global currency, which means investors can easily trade on a worldwide capacity.

Purchasing Valcambi Silver CombiBars

When purchasing precious metals, it’s important for investors to know they are buying from a reputable source. That’s where comes into play. At, all the precious metals, including Valcambi’s silver CombiBars, are held to the most rigorous and sought-after standards in the precious metal market.