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Silver Bullets

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Silver Bullion Bullets

Silver bullets are a relatively new product in the silver bullion marketplace. Silver bullets are typically fabricated by private mints and produced to look exactly like real ammunition. Often struck in .999 pure silver, only a few mints currently produce them. Though this is the case, they can still be found in a good amount of sizes ranging from 1 oz to 100 oz.


Silver bullets are designed to look like real ammunition although they are obviously not meant to be used as ammunition. The silver bullets come in various designs and shapes replicating various forms of ammunition such as the .45 caliber round, .50 caliber round and even a large 30mm Autocannon Round. As you might imagine, larger caliber rounds contain more silver. For example, the .45 caliber silver bullet by NTR is one ounce while the 12 gauge shotgun shell by NTR is five ounces of silver. Other designs include the .308 caliber and the 20 millimeter rounds that contain 2 and 100 ounces of silver respectively.

Silver bullets have caught the attention of not only precious metal investors but also hunters, outdoorsmen and even historians with their unique design. These products are newer and seem to have caught on quite rapidly. Perhaps silver bullets will pave the way for more interesting design concepts for silver bullion in the future but for now they remain as one of the most unique ways to invest.

Silver Bullet Pricing

Silver bullets are considered more of a collectible, and are priced accordingly. They are typically priced several dollars above the spot silver price per ounce, and are usually more expensive than standard silver coins and bars. Larger silver bullets with more silver will tend to carry a smaller premium per ounce and may give one more bang for their investment buck-no pun intended. Aside from being available in single quantities, silver bullets can also be found in sample packs or boxed sets.