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Certified ATB Silver Coins

2015 5 oz Saratoga ATB Silver Coins PCGS MS69 PL FS

$170.15 As low as $167.65

2015 5 oz Saratoga ATB Silver Coins NGC MS69 PL ER

$170.15 As low as $164.15

2013 5 oz White Mountain ATB Silver Coins PCGS MS69

$225.15 As low as $222.65

2013 5 oz Great Basin ATB Silver Coins PCGS MS69

$240.15 As low as $237.65

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Certified America the Beautiful Coins

The America the Beautiful coin series was first introduced in 2010 as a successor to the popular state quarters program. With six years of production already in the books, the ATB Silver Coin program has enjoyed immense success. offers a wide variety of these coins produced to date, including Certified ATB Silver Coins. To learn more about the America the Beautiful program, the certification services grading coins, and the available certified coins on, read on below.

Inspiration for the America the Beautiful Program

America the Beautiful coins were inspired by the success and popularity of the state quarters program. Beginning in 1999, the United States Mint released new designs on the reverse side of all circulation quarters representing different states from across the Union. The program ran through 2008, and spawned a secondary series known as the federal district and territories program, which represented Washington DC and the five territories of the US.

There are important differences between the America the Beautiful coin and standard quarters. First and foremost, ATB Silver Coins are five times the size of a standard quarter, featuring 5 oz of .999 fine silver instead of an alloy mixture of silver, nickel, and copper. Additionally, ATB Silver Coins feature new designs representing the various states and territories, while sharing an obverse design with the standard quarter.

Although both the ATB Silver coin and standard quarter are both consider legal tender with a face value of $.25 (USD), ATB Silver Coins are not intended for use as circulation currency. Only three sites chosen to represents states in the state quarters program were reselected for the ATB Silver Coin series. Arizona, California, and South Dakota are each represented by the same location in the ATB series, but the design sets are new for the ATB coins.

Overview of the ATB Silver Coin Series

ATB Silver Coins were authorized for production by Congress with passage of the America’s Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act of 2008. The first coins in the program were released in 2010, with the program scheduled to run through 2021. Each year the United States Mint will release five new designs, with just one coin planned for release in the final year. The Secretary of the Treasury has the power to authorize an extension of the program through 2033 if necessary.

The 56-coin series will represent all 50 US states, the federal district of Washington DC, and the five territories of US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam. The site selection process for each jurisdiction was a collaborative effort between the Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of the Interior, and each jurisdiction’s governor or chief executive.

Coins in the America the Beautiful series are produced by the United States Mint at its Philadelphia Mint, Denver Mint, and San Francisco Mint facilities. A new coining press manufactured in Germany was installed at the Philadelphia Mint in 2009 to help jumpstart production of the coins during the first production year.

Each ATB Silver coin features a unique reverse design representative of the jurisdiction in question. The obverse side of all coins is familiar to any American. President George Washington’s left-profile image is featured on the obverse, along with the engravings “United States of America,” “Liberty,” and “In God We Trust.” The face value is engraved below his image. Artist John Flanagan created this image in 1932 for use on American quarters, and used William Cousins 1786 bust of President Washington as inspiration for his design.

Certified ATB Silver Coins on

Although you’ll find Brilliant Uncirculated coins available on, the majority of the stock available on are Certified ATB Silver Coins. A certified coin is one which has been viewed and graded by the numismatics at either the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation or the Professional Coin Grading Service. These two certification companies are the most respected in the world, and a grade from either instills instant additional value to any coin.

There are a number of grades and terms that the NGC and PCGS will use to evaluate ATB Silver Coins. In order to assist in your understanding of these terms, a brief explanation of common terms is featured below:

  • MS70: Mint State 70; considered a perfect coin, with full, original luster and no detracting flaws of any kind.
  • MS69: Mint State 69; considered a near-perfect coin, with full, original luster, but as many as two minor detracting flaws, blemishes, hairlines, or contact marks.
  • DM: Deeply-mirrored; describes the finish of the background field on the coin.
  • PL: Proof-like; describes the overall visual appeal of the coin.

Certified ATB Silver Coins are always shipped to you in a protective plastic slab courtesy of the NGC or PCGS. Coins are sealed inside these protective slabs to ensure that your coin arrives in the condition promised in the product description, preserving its value and your investment in that coin.

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