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Graded British Silver Coins

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Certified British Silver Coins

People who collect British silver coins primarily do so for the same reason anyone collects silver and that is for the value of the silver content. Graded British silver coins hold their value for both their silver content and their numismatic value, which is based on how each is graded. Being that coins produced by the Royal British Mint are highly regarded for their designs and proof-like appearance, it is no surprise that many enjoy owning them in graded form.

The Grading of Coins

Despite the hard, durable materials that coins are made of, they slowly lose surface mass over time due to the constant rubbing, abrasions, and other abuse they incur. In other words, even though most coins are made of metal, they eventual get worn down. This is particularly the case with silver and gold coins, which are softer than base metals. Since coins have images stamped on their surface, a softening of the imagery occurs over time.

The first factor that goes into the grading process is whether or not the coins have been circulated. The coin generally makes this obvious by its condition. A different grading procedure is used for circulated and uncirculated coins because of the worn nature of the circulated coins.

Why Investors Prefer Certified British Silver Coins

British silver coins are certified to have been graded and authenticated by a major grading service such as Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). Investors and collectors prefer certified coins since they are guaranteed to be authentic, are worth more than just their silver content, and they usually have outstanding visual and aesthetic quality.

Commonly Graded British Silver Coins

There are a few major British silver coins that are graded for investors and collectors to purchase. The most commonly available certified British coins are there 1 oz Silver Britannia and the 1 oz Lunar Series coins. These coins are struck with a proof-like or deep proof like finish. Below is a list with each of these coins exact specification.

• Britannia – gross weight of 1 troy ounce, metal content of .999.
• Lunar Series – gross weight of 1 troy ounce, silver content of .999.