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Silver Burundi African Lion Coins

Silver Burundi African Lion Coins

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Buy Silver Burundi African Lion Coins

The Silver Burundi African Lion coins are one of the newest silver bullion coins on the market. New for 2015, the early release coins were first introduced in December 2014, and they are already proving popular with avid collectors and investors. The coins, which are considered legal tender in the Republic of Burundi, possessing a nominal face value of 5,000 Francs, are the first in this exciting new series. Each year, the government will introduce just one new design, giving these coins the potential to be of value to collectors over time.

The government of Burundi chose to feature the African lion on its new coin series in order to raise awareness about the plight of these majestic animals. At one time, the African lion, otherwise known as the King of the Jungle, was plentiful, with population numbers to rival their human counterparts in the sub-Saharan African savannahs. However, over the past 30 years or so, their numbers have dwindled and they are now considered potentially in danger of extinction in coming decades if plans are not implemented to protect them and increase their natural population.

Unlike other large African cats who live as solo units, lions live in large groups called prides, which include a small number of females and their offspring plus a smaller number of adult males. Males have a shorter lifespan compared to females; their numbers are thinned due to frequent confrontations with other males over food, females, and territory. Many African nations have implemented policies and plans to protect the African lion, such as designating nature preserves, but they remain a threatened species.

The Silver Burundi African Lion series are available as 1 oz coins of .999 fine silver. These coins measure 38 millimeters in diameter and weigh 31.1 grams, or one troy ounce. They are struck from silver guaranteed to be of .999 purity. The government of the Republic of Burundi has no plans to release the coins in any other weights or denominations in the future.

Silver Burundi African Lion Coin Design

As with many commemorative coins featuring endangered animals, each coin in the Burundi African Lion coin series will be dedicated to this animal. Upcoming releases may depict different groupings of lions in varying poses, but the overall theme will remain the same.

The obverse of the 2015 coin features the Republic of Burundi’s seal, which includes the head of a forward facing male lion with an abundant mane. Beneath the lion’s head is a banner containing the words “Unite Travail Progres.” At the upper portion of the coin, the words “Republic of Burundi 2015” appear. The words “5,000 Francs 1 oz 999 Silver” appear on the lower portion.

On the reverse, a mated pair of lions are depicted lying in the jungle with some breezy grasses and an iconic acacia tree behind them. A raised text box with the words “African Lion 2015” appears in the upper left section of the coin. The detailed design features life-like touches such as individual whiskers and lush eyelashes.

The initial 2015 release is limited to just 1,000 proof coins and an overall release of just 50,000 for the entire 2015 edition, giving these coins an element of rarity that make them quite attractive to investors and collectors. Because of their relatively small production numbers, these coins have the potential to sell out very quickly.

How Silver Burundi African Lion Coins Are Sold purchases these coins directly from the mint to ensure quality and authenticity.  Each shipment is carefully inspected to verify its condition and presentation.

These silver Burundi African Lion coins are available to customers in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition; in addition, we offer MS69 and MS70 graded coins, evaluated by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). The certified early release coins are presented in a plastic case containing their NGC certificate of authenticity.

These coins can be purchased individually, or in sealed monster box lots of 500. Each monster box contains 25 plastic tubes containing 20 coins each. customers can also purchase these bullion coins in 20-coin plastic rolls in their original mint packaging.

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At, we make it safe and simple to purchase these beautiful African Lion bullion coins. You can choose the quantity that best meets your investment and collecting needs, whether that is a mint-sealed monster box of 500 coins or individual NGC certified coins. Your coins are delivered to your door in discreet packaging to disguise the valuable contents inside.

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