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Graded Silver Burundi African Lions

Graded Silver Burundi African Lions

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Buying Graded Burundi Silver African Coins

The African nation Burundi authorized its Silver African Lion coin near the end of 2014. The country released the coins at the beginning of 2015, and all of them bare a 2015 strike mark. Each coin weighs one ounce and has .999 purity. Burundi has limited the series to 50,000 coins, making it a very collectible option. The coins have a face value of 5,000 Burundi Francs which is the second-highest domination currently authorized by the Burundi government. The highest is a 10,000-franc note.

Currently, the Burundi government does not plan to mint additional coins for 2015. There are no plans to produce coins that weigh any amount other than one ounce. Collectors, however, can expect Burundi to mint a new series of Silver African Lion coins for 2016. Depending on the series’ success, it may mint additional years, too.

As the name suggests, Burundi African Lion coins feature images of African Lions in their natural habitats. African lions are the second-largest cat species in the world. Some of them grow to a weight of 250 kg (550 lbs). The tiger is the only cat species that can grow to a larger size.

Lions have become national symbols of several sub-Saharan African countries. Many indigenous groups have honored lions for thousands of years. There are even ancient cave paintings of lions that date back to the Paleolithic age over 17,000 years ago. Unfortunately, the population has declined significantly over the last few decades. Many countries are committed to preserving this majestic cat on designated nature preserves and national parks. Projects like this collection of limited edition coins could help raise awareness about the pressures existing populations face because of hunting and habitat loss.

Burundi African Lion Coin Design

The 2015 Graded Silver Burundi African Lion coins have an obverse side that features a lion and lioness resting under the shade of a tree. The scene has remarkable detail that shows fur, grass, tree bark, and leaves. It even displays the lion’s impressive whiskers. “African Lion” and “2015” are stamped just above the male lion’s head.

Burundi plans to use slightly different images for future editions. One will depict a lone male. Another will depict a pride of lions. The backgrounds will continue to represent the types of natural scenes commonly found in central Africa.

The reverse side of the coin features a slightly altered version of the seal of the Republic of Burundi. The unaltered seal is dominated by the face and mane of a male lion. Three spears are positioned behind the lion’s head and a banner with the words “Unite – Travail – Progres” hangs just under the face. The coin will use a version of the seal that does not include any spears. It will still display the lion’s face and banner.

The top of the coin’s obverse side is stamped “Republic of Burundi 2015.” The bottom reads “5000 Francs – 1oz 999 Silver,” designating the coins face value, weight, and purity. Burundi plans to continue using this image for the reverse side of future printings. The year, of course, will increase with each limited minting.

Certified Burundi Lion Coins Information

Certified Burundi Silver Lions are currently available in two grades: MS69 and MS70. Both grades are near perfect and highly collectible. Collectors can confidently purchase these limited edition coins because they have been graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), two of the world’s most respected coin grading services. This leaves little room for doubt that the silver Burundi African Lion coins will meet the expectations of even the most fastidious collectors.

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