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Silver Colorized Coins

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Silver Colorized Coins

Although not everyone agrees, silver colorized coins are extremely unique products that are becoming more popular with each passing day. While traditional collectors prefer their proof coins in stunning silver, relying on matte finishes and deeply-mirrored backgrounds for brilliance, there is growth in the number of available silver colorized coins. is proud to offer some of the world’s most popular coins with brilliant, natural colorized tones. Scroll down to browse our catalog and learn more about silver colorized coins available today on

Why Choose Silver Colorized Coins?

There is no difference in the production of the base product in any silver colorized coin. Regardless of the coin you are purchasing, the original coin was struck using .999 or .9999 fine silver on a coining press at a sovereign or private facility. The colorization process is sometimes done by the same mint that struck the original coin, though other mints do not engage in colorization. In those cases, a third party will do the colorization and sell them to a dealer for purchase by collectors.

Investors are not the most likely to purchase silver colorized coins, if for no other reason than they value the content of the coin more than its design. Collectors, on the other hand, might find silver colorized coins a worthwhile investment. Not only do they stand out in a collection due to their brilliant finishes, silver colorized coins are often available in much smaller mintages, making them rare alterations on popular programs.

Silver Colorized Australian Lunar Series II Coins

Currently, offers the Silver Colorized Australian Year of the Monkey coin in two different weights. The Lunar Series II program from the Perth Mint is the most popular lunar-inspired coin program in the world right now, and limited mintages of these brilliant coins are made available directly from the Perth Mint with colorization added.

2016 is the Year of the Monkey on the Zodiac, and the Perth Mint released an all-new design for its 2016 Silver Australian Monkey coin. Each silver coin in the series features two monkeys sitting in the branches of a peach tree. In the image, an adult monkey is sitting with a young monkey who offers up a peach from its palm. The imagery is representative of longevity and immortality in Chinese culture.

The image of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse face of the coin has not been altered in any way for these silver colorized coins, but the reverse image features brilliant, natural tones. The monkeys have both been colorized in shades of brown, while the peach is a brilliant orange and the leaves of the tree are green.

Each 2016 Silver Colorized Year of the Monkey coin features either 1 oz or ½ oz of .999 fine silver, and bears a face value of $1 (1 oz) or $.50 (1/2 oz) AUD. The mintage of these coins was limited to 10,000 each. The coins are sold and shipped in protective capsules.

The Perth Mint is one of the most respected facilities in the world. Founded in 1898 and once part of the Royal Mint system during British colonial rule, the Perth Mint is now the oldest operating facility in the nation and operates independently of the federal government’s Royal Australian Mint facility.

Silver Colorized America the Beautiful Coins

The United States Mint already produces the single most popular silver and gold coins in the world in the Silver American Eagle and Gold American Eagle. Rising in demand and popularity, the Silver America the Beautiful coins. At this point in time, carries the Silver Colorized America the Beautiful coins only from the 2015 production year. These designs include the following silver colorized coins:

  • 2015 ATB Homestead Silver Coin: The modest homestead and wheat stalks featured in the design have added colors to give life to the coin’s reverse. 1st coin released in 2015.
  • 2015 ATB Kisatchie Silver Coin: Colors were added to the image of a waterfowl flying out of the bayous in Kisatchie National Forest.
  • 2015 ATB Blue Ridge Parkway Silver Coin: The natural settings surrounding the Blue Ridge Parkway that connects North Carolina and Virginia through the Blue Ridge Mountains have been colorized for added beauty.
  • 2015 ATB Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge Silver Coin: A major aerial transit route and resting point for birds flying along the Atlantic Seaboard, Bombay Hook comes to life as a pair of cranes rest in the waters of Bombay Hook.
  • 2015 ATB Saratoga Silver Coin: General John Burgoyne’s surrender to General Horatio Gates is brought back to life on the reverse of this coin with natural colors.

Each coin in the America the Beautiful series consists of five troy ounces of .999 fine silver, and bears a face value of $.25 (USD). The obverse image is the same for all coins. A left-profile portrait of President George Washington features on the obverse side, and was created in 1932 by John Flanagan based upon a 1786 bust of the president completed by William Cousins. No colors have been added to the obverse face of the Silver Colorized ATB Coins.

Unlike the Perth Mint, the United States Mint does not add colorization to any of its gold, silver, or platinum products. According to the mint, “businesses do not need the US government’s permission to colorize genuine United States coins.” As such, these silver colorized products are finished with colorization by a private dealer in Germany.

The United States Mint was founded in 1792, and is considered among the finest production facilities in the world. Currently, the United States Mint operates a total of four different production facilities: the San Francisco Mint, Denver Mint, Philadelphia Mint, and West Point Mint. Silver ATB Coins are originally produced by the US Mint using its San Francisco, Denver, and Philadelphia Mint facilities.

How Does Colorization Take Place?

The colorization process for silver coins varies by the mint or refinery producing the product. There are a number of options available for facilities to use, including machine-painted enamel finishes, machine-painted acrylic finishes, fusion using high-grade translucent film, and stamping in with pressurized ink.

Perhaps the most common approach is the use of a high-grade film that already features all of the colorizations that will be added to the design. This film is then fused with the surface of the coin, adding color to the images without altering the physical condition of the product. Machine-painted acrylic is another popular approach, though many mints are moving away from this option.

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