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PCGS Graded Silver American Eagles

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PCGS Certified American Silver Eagles

The American Silver Eagle Coin is one of, if not the most well-recognized silver bullion coins in the world. The Silver Eagle Coin is available to coin buyers in three forms: Uncirculated, Proof and Certified. All of these types symbolize the quality and craftsmanship that is standard for the U.S. Mint. Any one of these coin types can potentially help investors accomplish their goals, whether it be simply acquiring more ounces of silver or adding coins with a degree of collectable value to their portfolios. When it comes to collectability, a coin that is certified by a grading service may carry larger premiums and more value.

What Exactly is a PCGS Silver Eagle?

A PCGS American Silver Eagle is a Silver Eagle Coin that has been graded, or certified, by the Professional Coin Grading Service, or PCGS for short. PCGS is a company that takes coins in from the public in order to examine and grade the coin. The process for coin grading is fairly detailed to help ensure quality grading services. The process works like this:

– The coins are received for grading by PCGS. At this point, PCGS will verify the coins against the order to make sure they have the correct coins. The coins are then given a unique certification number.

– Coins go to the grading room. During this stage, coins are closely examined by multiple, highly trained and experienced graders. Graders will assign a grade into a database until a consensus is reached and a final grade is assigned.

– Coin Encapsulation. During this phase of the process, the graded coins are encapsulated in a protective, tamper-evident holder. A label within the holder displays the coin’s grade, certification number, date, denomination, unique barcode and a pedigree if applicable.

-Final verification. Once encapsulated, the coins are sent back to the grading room for a final review by a “reviewing” grader. Here, all information will be double checked, as well as the integrity of the sealed holder.

The Grading Scale

The PCGS grading scale encompasses many different abbreviations or codes. Coins are essentially graded on their condition and this grade is assigned a number on a scale. These can range from a grade of PO-1 to MS/PR-70. Essentially, the coins will have a grade from 1 to 70. A grade of 70 would be a perfect mint condition coin while a 1 would be a coin in very poor condition.

Why Are Silver Eagle Graded and Certified?

The certification or grading of silver eagles may provide the buyer with peace of mind as to the coin’s authenticity and condition, as well as potential market value. It also ensures that the investor or collector knows exactly which variation of the coin he or she is receiving, as well as its precise condition. PCGS graded American Silver Eagle Coins come in the 1 ounce size and have a purity of .999 percent fine silver which is the same as the standard coin.

PCGS Silver Eagle Pricing Over Spot

Certified or graded coins can have wildly differing premiums over the current silver price. The better the condition of the coin, the higher the grade, the larger the premium over the spot silver price. For example, a Silver Eagle Coin from this year or last graded MS-67 may sell for about $11 over the spot silver price while one from the early 90s with a grade of MS-70 may sell for thousands of dollars over the spot price of silver. The premium will depend on grade, year and scarcity.

While PCGS Certified Silver Eagles are more of a collector’s coin, they can potentially provide value to a precious metals portfolio. Not only do the coins have value derived from their silver content, but their collectability may potentially add even more value.