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Silver Graded Mexican Libertad Coins

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Certified Silver Libertads

The Silver Mexican Libertad contains 1 oz of .999 pure silver and is available as PCGS and NGC certified in MS69 and MS70 condition. From its silver mines, Mexico is responsible for producing about 20 percent of the world’s silver. The Mexican Mint has a rich history dating back to 1535 when Spanish colonies steadily grew throughout the country. The site of the mint may have moved, but it still produces stunning coins, especially the Silver Mexican Libertad coins, which have a long and interesting history themselves.

The Mexican government produced the very first Silver Mexican Libertad coins in 1982. Because they were popular from the start, production continued and expanded in 1991. The coins are still incredibly popular among coin collectors and silver investors. The original sizes are still minted, so the latest version is from 2015. Today the Banco de Mexico, or Bank of Mexico, produces them.

Several key facts make Libertad coins so popular. They’re real legal tender, for example, since the national government of Mexico mints them. They’re also considered “quasi-numismatic,” in that they have inherent value because they are silver and offer a bit more bang and prestige for their price than some other silver coins. Since the Libertad series has low mintages, the coins are especially popular. Collectors who can get their hands on them know their value.

The Libertad series is trustworthy and almost comforting, simply because every coin from the series has the same .999 purity and design as all the others. That said, they do differ in size. Through the course of their production, the Libertad coins have varied in size, with early sizes as small as 1/20 oz. However, they now typically range between 1 oz and 5 oz.

Design of Silver Mexican Libertad Coins

While the designs on the Graded Silver Mexican Libertad coins are historically the same, there are subtle changes in different mints. The design has always featured a winged Victoria on the obverse. She stands on top of the Mexican Independence Victory column in Mexico City. A landscape spreads behind her, showing Iztaccihuatl and Popocatépetl, two volcanoes popular in Mexican mythology. They symbolize a well-known love story involving a warrior and a princess who were in love but doomed to separation by death.

The reverse features Mexico’s coat of arms. This original design is a homage to the Centenario, a gold bullion coin from Mexico, which dates back to 1921 and celebrates the 100th anniversary of Mexican Independence.

The new version of the Libertad is slightly different. The Victoria is still on the obverse, but she faces a slightly different angle. Engravings on the front reveal information about the coin’s weight, purity, and production year. The reverse still shows the country’s coat of arms; a golden eagle perches regally atop a pear cactus, a snake trapped in its mouth. In the newer mints, however, ten historical depictions of Mexico’s coat of arms surround the main one.

Certified Silver Mexican Libertad Information

To qualify as a Graded Silver Mexican Libertad coin, the coin is both certified and graded. Grading coins is a serious business and requires trustworthy help. The NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) and the PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) are both highly reputable. Grading ensures that the coins are fully certified, letting the collector know exactly what they are worth and that they are worth their price.

Several grades are typically used to describe coins, especially untouched or uncirculated coins, but Mint State grades are most popular. A Mint State Grade of 60 indicates a dull or damaged coin that nevertheless shows no real wear and tear, or it might suggest a scuffed or nicked coin. A grade of 61 suggests minimal damage, such as a dulled or marked surface, hairlines, or other defects. Mint State Grades go up to 70, with each grade bringing a coin closer to perfection.

Buying Certified Silver Libertads from

Investors and numismatists can buy Graded Silver Mexican Libertads from They offer Mint State Graded coins, so buyers can feel confident knowing they will receive brand new, mint-sealed coins in stunning condition. This is particularly important due to the rarity of the Silver Libertad. It’s limited minting makes it a popular pick.

That is why buys Libertads directly from the Mexican Mint. As soon as the inventory arrives, they inspect it to make sure the coins are authentic and that they match their description, especially in terms of quality.

Collectors, investors, and the simply curious can easily contact through their website, which also offers easy ordering opportunities. In addition to helpful FAQs and live chat, a phone call or an email through our contact form will answer most inquiries. We can be reached at 1-888-989-7223 or through live chat via our contact page.