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Other Perth Mint Silver Coins

For regular investors and collectors, the selection of silver coins from the Perth Mint probably needs no introduction. The oldest mint in Australia is well-known for its variety of silver bullion and proof programs. Options such as the Silver Australian Kookaburra have been around since 1990, with new designs each year. More modern options include the Silver Australian Koala (2007) and the all-new Silver Australian Kangaroo (2016).

A mint as large as the Perth Mint doesn’t simply produce a handful of long-running series and ignore the one-time release of unique designs. While the vast majority of the mint’s popularity is due to its annual bullion coin programs, such as those mentioned above, it also produces a vast array of one-of-a-kind designs that are released just once, and then never struck again. In the following paragraphs you’ll find information on some of the other silver Perth Mint coins available now on

Background on the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is located in the state of Western Australia. Originally founded in 1899, it is the oldest operating facility in the country. It was the last of the facilities opened by the Royal Mint of London during British colonial rule, joining the Sydney Mint and Melbourne Mint. Following closure of the other two facilities, and Australian independence, the Perth Mint passed into the hands of the government of Western Australia.

Today, it is considered one of the finest facilities in the world, turning out high quality products at its state-of-the-art coining press. Although it is not affiliated with the national government’s Royal Australian Mint, under the Currency Act of 1965, all of its coins enjoy status as legal tender currency in the nation.

One-Time Silver Perth Mint Proof Coins

Although most of the silver coins from the Perth Mint fall into a series, even shorter series that are released in just one year, there are still others that are produced one at a time and released just once. The vast majority of these products are often proof collectibles with low mintages, which helps create immense demand during original release and from authorized dealers. Examples of other silver Perth Mint proof coins from include the following:

  • 2015 ½ oz Australian War in the Pacific Silver Coin: Only one nation successfully fought a two-front war in World War II; the United States. That effort required strong allies, and Australia was America’s strongest ally in the Pacific Campaign against the Japanese Imperial Army and Navy. The coins honor the commitment of American and Australian military forces in defeating the Japanese threat.
  • 2015 1 oz 75th Anniversary Bruce Lee Silver Proof Coin: Bruce Lee led a revolution in the portrayal of those of Asian descent in Hollywood films, and 2015 marked the 75th anniversary of his birth. Though he is now lost to the world, his image lives on with this 1 oz, .999 pure silver proof coin. The Perth Mint struck the program with a maximum mintage of 5,000 coins.
  • 2015 1 oz Australian Silver Christmas Coin: This coin showcased the Perth Mint’s ability to strike coins with unusual shapes. Bucking the circular coin shape, this proof specimen is star-shaped and features the brilliantly colorized image of a Christmas tree, lit up and topped by a star, on the reverse. The Perth Mint limited production to just 3,000 coins, and shipped each coin in a star-shaped plastic capsule that had a loop so you can hang this as an ornament on your tree at holiday time.

2 oz Silver Perth Mint Proof Silver Coins

On occasion, the Perth Mint will release proof commemorative coins in weights larger than the standard 1 oz option. Some of these coins are part of a larger offering, though not necessarily a singular series of coins, while others are just one-time releases like those covered in the section above.

The first example of this is the 2015 2 oz Silver Back to the Future Hoverboard coin. Released to coincide with the 30th anniversary celebration of the first movie in the Back to the Future trilogy, this particular coin was produced by the Perth Mint along with other commemorative coins in a Back to the Future series, though the coins were not all linked to one another in design elements, sizes, or weights. Each one was, instead, its own unique piece.

The reverse face of the coin has bright, futuristic colors that were found on the original hoverboard used by Marty McFly in the feature film. What sets this coin apart isn’t its colorization or theme, but rather its unique shape. The coin blank was struck in the shape of a hoverboard, and each one ships in a themed-presentation case that actually makes the coin appear to float just as the hoverboards in the film.

On the obverse face of this unique coin was the image of Queen Elizabeth II, complete with engravings of her name, the nation of issue, the face value, weight, purity, and metal content of the coin, as well as its year of issue. Perth Mint set an honorary mintage limit on these coins of 2,015, to mark the year (2015) that the franchise celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Among other examples of other silver Perth Mint proof coins you’ll find the 2016 2 oz Silver Antiqued Australian Kangaroo Coin. The high-relief striking and rimless design of the coin gave it a truly unique appeal, and helped the Perth Mint build momentum for its new annual bullion program, the 2016 Silver Australian Kangaroo.

On the reverse was the image of a kangaroo, the world’s largest marsupial, bounding across the Outback of Western Australia. The obverse bears that iconic design of Queen Elizabeth II. Each of these coins ships in presentation packaging with a Certificate of Authenticity.

One final example of other silver Perth Mint proof coins is the 2016 2 oz Silver Proof Australian Language of Love coin. Language forms a barrier for many around the globe, but it also has the power to unite and overcome hatred. The Perth Mint proved this in an exceptional manner with the release of a coin dedicated to that unifying language of love.

This particular proof coin highlights the many different ways that people around the world pronounce their love. Each of these coins contains 2 troy oz of .999 pure silver, had a face value of Two Dollars that is legal tender in Tuvalu, and had an extremely low mintage of just 3,000 coins.

On the reverse of each is the image of the word “Love,” in English. The English-language version of love has red lettering and a heart in place of the “O” in the word love. Included along with the English-language word are as many as 30 other versions of love in languages ranging from German and French to Korean and Vietnamese. The obverse features Queen Elizabeth II’s right-profile portrait.

Silver Australian Cub Series

Believe it or not, the Perth Mint does offer other extensive coin programs, such as the recently released Silver Australian Cub Series. This five-coin series will feature the following designs, with three of the coins already available for purchase from the Perth Mint and listed on

  • Tiger Cubs: First release, no longer available on
  • Jaguar Cubs: Latest release, still available for purchase on!
  • Leopard Cubs: Third release in the series, coming soon to!
  • White Lion Cubs: Fourth release in the series.
  • Lynx: Fifth and final release in the series.

The 2016 ½ oz Silver Australian Cub Series Jaguar Proof Coin is available on The coin’s reverse face features the colorized image of two playful jaguar cubs. Only the cubs, which feature a traditional yellow-and-black spotting and solid-black pattern on the other, have real-world appeal with colorized finishes. The jaguar is actually native to the Americas, which is why the Perth Mint designers used an Incan temple as the design backdrop for this cute and playful new coin.

The obverse of each coin in the series features Ian Rank-Broadley’s right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Created in 1998, it is the fourth-generation of Her Majesty to appear on Australian coinage since she ascended to the throne in 1952. Engravings include the Queen’s name, face value, nation of issue, year of issue, metal content, purity, and weight of the coin.

Each of the coins in the Silver Australian Cubs Series from the Perth Mint features one-half troy ounce of .999 pure silver, a face value of 50 Cents that is legal tender in Tuvalu, and inspiring, colorized designs on the reverse. The Australian Cub Series coins ship in the Perth Mint’s black display box, and arrive in a colorized shipper that features imagery representative of the cub species on the coin’s reverse. Additionally, each of the coins in the series is individually numbered and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Silver Australian Map-Shaped Coin Series

One of the most extensive non-bullion coin programs launched by the Perth Mint since 2010 has been the Silver Australian Map-Shaped series of silver proof coins. These products start out as unique blanks that are shaped like the continent of Australia, and feature purity levels of .999 fine silver. Each coin weighs one Troy ounce and bears a face value of $1 (AUD) backed by the Australian government.

Perth Mint released the coins in groups of two each year, with a total mintage per design set at 6,000 coins. Each coin ships inside of the Perth Mint’s iconic black, clamshell display box and arrive inside a custom-designed, full-color shipper that features artwork representative of the species featured on the individual releases. Each coin also comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The release schedule for the coins followed this schedule:

  • 2012 Kookaburra: Now sold out at the mint.
  • 2012 Emu: Now sold out at the mint.
  • 2013 Kangaroo: Now sold out at the mint.
  • 2013 Platypus: Now sold out at the mint.
  • 2014 Koala: Nearly sold out at the mint.
  • 2014 Saltwater Crocodile: Still available online.
  • 2015 Wedge-Tailed Eagle: Still available online.
  • 2015 Redback Spider: Still available from!
  • 2016 Great White Shark: Coming soon to!

The coins come with a unique colorized stripe down the horizontal center of the reverse face that brings a different native species and its habitat in Australia to live on the coins. The obverse face of all coins in the Australian Map-Shaped Silver Coin series bear the right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II in the center. Her Majesty’s image currently in use on Australian coinage was created in 1998 by Ian Rank-Broadley, and is depicted alongside engravings that include her name, the nation of issue, year of issue, and face value of the coin.

At the moment, only the 2015 Silver Redback Spider Australian Map-Shaped Coin is available on This coin celebrates the Redback Spider, a deadly species of spider found in Australia. The reverse features a colorized design that highlights the red on the back of the spider, as well as the hills of the Outback that serve as its home territory.

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